Raven Signature


I was really bored so I made this and tried a few new effects with the pen tool and the patterns.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n

Why hasn't anyone posted in here? Oh well, guess I shall revive and comment!

......0_0. Raven looks Funky in this one lol. But to me it kinda shows his swiftness in his movements and all, he kicks butt in Tekken 5^^ I don't think that you should chose green though, kinda offsets everything, a color of something from his attire might of made the color blend more. Heh, but that's the only thing I see wrong with it. the rest of the effects are kool! But wait...that light, should of been mover over alittle bit more to the left*does hands like a photographer* Yes! Once that is done it shall be a Masterpiece! lmao awesome work Omega all just the same.