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Ratings on Films/Books


aka ginger warlock
I am not sure where this belongs so I thought I would post it here and risk it being moved :)

Films & Games as everyone knows has ratings. If a film consists of a lot of swearing it will usually be rated a 15, if there is extreme nudity it will be an 18 or not even released yet the same does not seem to apply to books. I have read a multitude of books spanning many genres some of graphic in violence, some with swearing and one time a girlfriend showed me one of her erotic novels in a late night conversation. The things is though anyone could go an pick these novels up and no-one would question it, why is this? Do books fall under the radar because they do not show what films show? I am not saying ratings should be put on and I hate censorship I just wonder why it is not done.


Problematic Shitlord
I think it's because we're a visual species. Although writing can be extremely suggestive, graphic, sexual and violent, it's all dependent on our minds. The words can only conjure up images that we create. For example, take the following sentence:

A secluded building

Someone will imagine a house in the woods, surrounded by forest and shade. Another will imagine a run down shack in the slums of a big city. It's all in our heads what we see. So describing a beautiful woman disrobing is completely dependent on the details your mind implements.


I always wondered this! When I was in primary school I could borrow out ANY book from our library, all through primary school and right up to high school. I could borrow books with intense language and swearing, sex scenes rape scenes, murder all sorts of things. Yet even in High School I had to have "permission" to borrow out DVD's with an M rating or higher.
Books just seem to get away with more. Even some CD's have warnings on them now, but books still don't.


Sally Twit
I suppose books like that are put in to different sections, though. And I am sure when buying one you could face the risk of being asked how old you are. I'd like to think so anyway.
I do agree with Merc, though. Seeing something would stay in your mind a lot longer than reading it.
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