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Rating Girls


A Darker Knight
Recently, someone at our school created a site where students can submit and rate photos of girls that go to our school. It's all purely within our system since it requires a school email address that each student has created upon admission.

The creator says it was inspired by Facemash, which was created by mark Zuckerberg in the movie the Social Network. Basically two pictures of girls show up and you click on the one you think is hotter and there is some kind of system that ranks everyone.

The problem is that anyone who registers can submit a photo and the girl might not even be aware of it until she shows up in one of the voting pages. There isn't some kind of notice or approval from the girl before her picture is put into the system. This site has caused quite a bit of controversy on campus, already getting the official thumbs down from campus press. Yet the creator is thinking about expanding because the site still remains popular.

Obviously all the arguments about objectifying women and violating privacy have been made. I'm not even sure about the legality of the site. The creator cited an excerpt from the facebook privacy policy. He states that since all photos used are from facebook, there are some rights that are given up by posting them online. He cites this line specifically,
"4. When you publish content or information using the "everyone" setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture)."
Of course there are problems with that, but I haven't really thought about the little details yet. I think he's going to create a male version of the site soon, due to popular demand. What do you think about the site? Social issues and legal issues?


I'm serious
My honest opinion? This is disgusting and absolutely nothing good can come from this. Girls that are not considered “pretty” enough by fake society standards will be ridiculed and girls considered to be “pretty” will get appraisal on their looks. Good luck with that then. Sure, looks count for some things, but in all the wrong places. I see depression and snobbery coming from this. And neither of those are good outcomes. Honestly, I think this should be stopped. Teenagers these days are already more prone to suicides and drug abuse and those negative things. This could potentially just spur that trend on even more.

I always say, don’t do something unless good can come from it.

That’s my two cents.


Registered Member
Who really cares anymore. I say let this vanitocracy run its course already, and let all of its adherents suffer the consequences when they finally realize after their thousandth Botox injection and hundred-thousandth dollar spent in a fit of self-absorption that they've led empty and pathetically meaningless lives, had zero impact on the world, and will be forgotten by the entire universe within seconds of expiring. I've given up on trying to warn people about the dangers of buying into this kind of crap.
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The creator should be sued and they should call off this ridiculous competition.
He has no right to put online pictures of the girls who have given no approval/are not aware of this.


Registered Member
I think the idea is stupid, and I'd like to say...what a "punk" to whomever is trying to go thru with this.
Years ago they had a website called 'Hot Or Not dot com'.....and you rated people purely on their looks, how hot they were.
The people who looked like average folks didn't stand a chance against someone who was showing loads of cleavage and licking her lips.
This idea in the OPs thread is so full of shit....what a crappus thing for anyone to come up with, yet another attempt to be known on the net...or maybe this is his only way to try and meet girls.
If his looks are anything like what his personality or morals seem to be, he's doomed.


Registered Member
He has no right to put online pictures of the girls who have given no approval/are not aware of this.
That is not true. If the creator got the pictures from a public place (such as public Facebook photos) then he does have the right. It may not be ethically right, but legally he is doing nothing wrong. The girls whose photos are used need to be aware that posting their photo online for everyone to see opens them up to this sort of thing.

I am numb to stuff like this by now. I do not think it is a good thing to do, but I also am not affected by it anymore. I have seen this so many times already that it really does not matter to me. I feel bad for the girls who are on the site who do not want to be. I think it is sad that some people can only judge people based on looks. But lets face it, people have always and will always be judged on looks. The important thing is that people realize that that is not ALL you should judge someone on.


A Darker Knight
Especially since the creator is not the only one who is uploading pictures. In fact, he may not even be uploading any at all. It's all user generated, which makes it even harder to control. I know the concept is not exactly the most morally just thing to do, but people seem to like it, and if there's no legal way to stop it, then people will continue to upload pictures and girls will continue to be upset.

It seems like everyone who is interviewed doesn't approve, but the site says otherwise.... :shifteyes:


Registered Member
I have very mixed feelings for this "photo rating of girls", I think first it is demoralizing to the girls, and is something I would never approve any photo of myself for.

But also I understand when anyone post's photo to a public site on the internet it is this person giving the right for this photo to be used by others in anyways they wish, it is like contract without having to sign. And to this I think if a girl post's photo on the internet that she would not like to be used on a site such as this rating site then it is her own fault for posting it. This is why I would never post any revealing or embarrassing photo's of my self to any site.


Registered Member
I'm with Curious on this one, only trouble can come from it.

I can't understand either why someone would think this is actually a good idea. Ratingswise it does ok, but everyone knows that things like this are potentially harmful to a lot of people. Especially when you're not allowing girls the choice to participate or not.


Registered Member
The legality is actually a little skewed here --> It's 'legal' only if the photos are taken from a Facebook page that sets photo privacy to Everyone, otherwise it's not. That means you can't publish a friend's photograph if it is set to private without their permission. It is legal for Facebook to use private photos, as far as I know, but they generally don't; it's just to cover their legal bases.
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