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Soo how was your year for 2008?

Rate it out of (bad)1 - 10 (perfect)

Mine had its up and downs but i'll give it a 4
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I would give it 5 out of 10, but considering that I went to Serbia and had the time of my life, I am giving it 7 out of 10 despite other problems.
This is a hard Q.. I guess I've had a pretty good year in terms of finishing school and getting good exam results... but I also had to delay uni for a year. I've spent a lot of 2008 talking to people that I love talking to so thats a plus, but then again I've havn't accomplished half of what I wanted to due to huge lack of motivation. I have had it easy this year, but probably too easy and that puts stress on the relationship with my parents etc.
And the ups and downs continue like that...



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5 out of 10. Single for the first time in two years, lonely alot, sick of being in school. But did well in school and learned lots of new stuff about myself.


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i said 6. its been a good year generally, but other things have lowered the number. but still deserving of a 6
Honestly 2008 sucked hard core until the very end, and even it sucks. The best thing I can say is I've met some awesome people lately, other than that, screw 2008


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GOD this year was as boring as hell. Because of the high price of gas for most of the year we didn't do shit. So i sat at home all summer. And the most fun thing i did was go to battleship cove and even that wasn't great