Rasho... good enough?



nice to be back guys, I'm excited with all of the happennings with our raps, but...

Do you guys ever feel like you are victims of Bryan Colangelo induced hype? I mean, how good do you guys really believe the players that he has acquired this offseason will be? I believe that the player who i have a problem with is Rasho Nesterovic.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the guy did not see more then 10 minutes of court time in the playoffs because he was unable to play on a fast paced team... right? now, i can't be the only person seeing a conflict of interest on our part then, right?

the question to you guys that i pose is do you think that we can make a trade to acquire an expiring contract at center in exchange, or a better all around 'banger' who would be much more solid at C position. as well, keep in mind that we have Alvin Williams' contract as an expendible asset as well as a guy like Jose Calderon or possibly Mo Pete or Joey Graham.

I've been thinking about this scenario for some time, but what do you guys think about brigning in Kenyon Martin for Rasho Nesterovic and Morris Peterson? better yet, perhaps we could acquire our own draftee, Marcus Camby for that package. both players would be exceptional in a fast paced offense and are big upgrades on our defence.

Am i off the deep end with my thoughts on Rasho? who would you guys rather at our starting Center position?


Nesterovic is a big body, he's decent...for half the NBA thats good enough...He's a decent spot starter but for now you will have to put up with him until Andrea Bargnani figures everything out.

You don't need Kenyon Martin and the $60 million still left on his deal, you already have Chris Bosh at PF and Andrea Bargnani waiting in the wings at center.


perhaps then as suggested in my first segment there, can we trade him away for an expiring contract banger... hate to be obvious, but Magloire would be the perfect player for that. I really thought we were going to add them into our TJ/CV deal...



that way we'd get an actual starting Center who bangs and rebounds, plus he wants to be here. ford well u know, nestea is good tasting, but Nesterovic is not nearly as good as magloire, plus he gets more over 3 years then magloire does next. Villanueva is hard to say bye to, but we're not going back on the deal now, haha.


With Magloire you have him for only one season...and then you have to deal with him yacking all year about his contract like he did in Milwaukee. He wants a max contract and Colangelo won't re-sign him...Magloire overvalues himself, other than rebounding he does nothing.


nasho might not be the best center but hes good enough. he has experience because he won a ring with the san antonio spurs and has a great body of a center. these days it is hard to find a decent center so i like what bryan did getting nasho.


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I think he's a decent Center, you got to remember that we don't really need scoring from him, what we need is rebounds blocks, and good denfense, and I think he can give us that. Now he's not the best but I think he fits in our system, and I agree we don't need MArtin when we have Bosh and Bargnani.


I hope your not complaining lstern. The raptors didnt have a center that can rebound, play defence, or score before Rasho came in this offseason. All our centers were horrible. We have to be thankful that BC pulled Rasho here. Rasho has a good relationship with Sam Mitchell, and he is happy to be here. You cant compare him with San Antonio, because they had great talent around them. Rasho is experienced and knows what it feels like to win, and has playoff experience. I know he can be a 7 and 7 guy that is a leader for our team.

He sure beats hoffa, loren, pape.;)