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Rare dual tornadoes tear up Nebraska town


Free Spirit
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PILGER, Neb. -- A storm packing rare dual tornadoes tore through a tiny farming town in northeast Nebraska, killing a 5-year-old child, leaving grain bins crumpled like discarded soda cans and flattening dozens of homes.

Twin twisters ravage tiny Nebraska community, kill 5-year-old - CBS News
They showed a video of this on the news this morning. Its rare to have dual tornadoes like this with almost the same strength and a miracle more people weren't killed. However with a dozen injured and some people in critical condition that could change.

Over half the town was destroyed, grain bins gone and almost every house in town has some damage. Even the school is said to be beyond repair.

I feel for anyone that has to go through something like this. It must be horrible to have to look at your town after it has been ripped apart like this.

I've had tornadoes come close to me but never nothing like this.



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Massive tornadoes hit Nebraska

2 massive twin tornadoes touched down in Nebraska and the video is amazing (1st link). Two people were killed and there was massive damage to 2 small towns. Has anyone else seen any massive tornadoes this year?
Raw: Twin Tornadoes Touch Down in Nebraska | Wichita Eagle
Tornadoes flatten tiny rural Nebraska town; 2 dead - KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7, Telemundo -

I really need to start checking the threads more. I didnt even see that you already started a thread about it. lol.
Ive been that close to a tornado before and it was really freaky! All I wanted to do was bounce... fast! They make wonky noises like a ghost when you get that close except a lot louder and you can even see the glass in the windows moving before they explode.
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I'm serious
I would never want to be near a tornado. They are the worst of nature's wrath in my opinion. I could probably face any other natural disaster over tornadoes. That poor girl and her poor family. What a horrific way to go.

Edit: Twin Twisters is a cooler name than dual tornadoes. Just saying. ;)


Free Spirit
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I've had a tornado pass really close to my house before. Was watching the hill behind my house, saw really big trees bend over like saplings. Scared me to death, hid in a corner under the stairs with my dog until it passed. I could hear debris hitting the house.

Went outside afterwards and my tack house was gone and so was the fence holding the horses in. The satellite antenna went flying like many other things. The roof was gone off the barn. It was a mess, had to call the neighbor to help me fix fence and pick up glass out of the field. The horses were going nuts.

I was home alone and was so glad my son was in school. Was afraid when my family got home they wouldn't find me or my dog.

Watched one cross the road in front of me one time too.


Creeping On You
*shudder* I'm so glad we rarely if ever get tornadoes up here. We get funnel clouds though. Tornadoes that don't actually hit the ground. When I was in grade 8, me and my older brother were staying up late with mom to watch some movies, and all of a sudden, this thunderstorm got super intense. All the tall grass was just laid flat, and trees were bending and the wind was just super intense. It lasted like 2 minutes, and then everything calmed down again to normal light rain. Was creepy as heck. The next day, you could see a chunk taken out of the line of trees in our back yard. Like someone took a bite out of em. Just plucked the tops of em off.

I can't imagine experiencing a real tornado. It just seems so scary. The loss too, to lose your whole home and life, to something you have absolutely no control over. My thoughts go out to those nebraskans.


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the closest thing ive seen to a tornado is on the TV. in person would be nuts


Free Spirit
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Some people get a rush out of hunting them, would get your adrenalin going to watch a tornado tearing across the plains destroying things in its wake. I don't know if that would be for me though. I would be too worried about the people trapped in the middle of it.

Someone that lives about 3 miles from me was building a beautiful log house. He had just gotten it finished and preparing to move in. Never happened, a tornado came along and demolished it. Unfortunately he didn't have builders insurance.


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Geex, that's just insane.

Like I said in another thread, I lived in that state. I actually never saw anything beyond a wall cloud in all the time I lived there (the orange clouds that always accompany are really quite eerie)

I remember spending a few nights (not consecurively) in the basement with the sirens going off all the while. It's a scary thought to think what could happen if a tornado hits your house while you're in it.

Makes me glad I don't live in the midwest anymore, one less thing to worry about (though obviously forest fires are much more of a risk)