Rare dead ball era video


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I found this great rare Deab Ball ERA video, I showed it to Millz and Vegito, and they loved it.

So I decided to share with the other baseball fans on these forums. Hopefully you enjoy, because I sure did.

YouTube - Rare Deadball Era baseball footage

My thoughts on this one............................GREAT. This same video was posted on another board and got rave reviews. No longer were these men from the deadball era just names, this video brought them to life. I've seen other videos of the dead ballers but none as long as this one. I must have watched it 50 times and I'm going back for more.

Nice post Babe.


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I've watched it plenty times myself, it's great to see those players that played the game almost 100 years ago. It looked like they were having so much fun, laughing and having just a good time.

I don't know, sometimes I tell myself that baseball back then was better then baseball today.