Raptors Trying To Facilitate Multi-Team Iverson Deal

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Kidd

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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I personally dont think that Colangelo is trying to get Allen Iverson, is contract is to big for this franchise, we already signed Bosh to a big contract, and having Iverson's contract would really hurt us, and we don't have much to offer, because obviously where not trading our two key players for Iverson, and those are Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. Those are probably the only players King is interested in.
  3. Insidelane

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    This deal won't go down. The Raptors will have to give away too much. I herd trade speculation involving Four teams including the Raptors though, look at this, its good for the Raptors.

    Toronto Incoming
    Travis Outlaw
    Kyle Korver

    Portland Incoming
    Nene Hilario

    Denver Incoming
    Allen Iverson

    Philadelphia Incoming
    Morris Peterson
    Jamaal Magloire
    Joe Smith
  4. Kidd

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    I don't know about this trade, but it doesn't work out anyway.

    Tried it on realgm.
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  6. Fresh

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    Funny how the A.I. trade was suppose to be done in 48 Hours, if seems like we hear rumours of him going to just abuot every team in the NBA I doubt this deal will happen but I guess anything possible.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    If that trade you mentioned would be the trade for the Raptors, then we would be a winner in this trade because we get a very good 3pt scorer in Korver, and then you get a very young and atheletic player in Outlaw, who has lots of upside. But I don't think this would ever happen.
  8. bballinyao06

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    I don't think anybody will know where AI is going until it actually happens. There's a whole lot of speculation going on and not a lot of facts being given out by the Sixers. Right now, I think mostly everybody in the league is trying to get AI on their team so I guess we'll know when it's all finally said and done.
  9. joee.

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    im sorry but the raptors will never get iverson. they will have to give everything they got.
    we dunt need allen, his contract is to big and i dunt think bc is trying to get him.
    we have a perfectly good pg as well(ford).
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    The Toronto Raptors are definitly not in the hunt for Allen Iverson. A couple of days ago on a Radio Show Brian Colangelo put away rumours of trying to get Allen Iverson. He said that he would give us immediate success, but that's not what were looking for. He wants to stick to is original plan. And I happy with it aswell.

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