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I know there's not a lot of Raptors fans here, but hopefully this thread can work out anyways. I was wondering if you guys thought that the Raptors are building their team similar the way that the San Antonio Spurs are built. Let's compare players for example:
Chris Bosh/Tim Duncan: We all know Tim Duncan is better right now, but he's been in the league for 10 years compared to Bosh's 4. There both 20 and 10 guys that can also block shots.

T.J Ford/Tony Parker: The two fastest point guards in the NBA that can get to the rim with ease and shoot the long jumper when they need to.

Anthony Parker/Bruce Bowen: Both are great defenders. Every night they guard the best scorer on the other team, and does a wonderful job to stop him. Both can shoot the 3 but I beleive Parker is a better scorer then Bowen.

Carlos Delfino/Manu Ginnobli: If given the minutes I beleive that Delfino can play a high level like Ginnobli can. My theory will be proven next season.

Rasho Nesterovic/Francisco Elson: Both centers that don't do any mistakes and will score you from 5-10 points a game and rebound the ball for ya.

Jason Kapono/Brent Barry: Both coming off the bench for some instant scoring. With the long range bombs or a jumper coming off a screen.

We have Andrea Bargnani on our team, but there's really no once that I can compare him with. But I guarantee you that he'll be a tremendous asset to the Raptors.


I don't know about the Delfino-Ginobili comparison, but I do see the rest of 'em. Although I thought the Raptors were more of a running team than a half court team.

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close comparisons, but all of the Spurs are better than whom you are compairing them too.
especially Delfino and Parker.
Bowen is a top 3 defender in the league, parker is pretty good. HUGE difference.


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The immediate comparison I saw between San Antonio and Toronto was the amount of the foreign players both teams have on their rosters.

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Coleangelo is no dummy.
it's a hybrid suns/spurs team imo.
he's off to a good start, the hard part will be taking the next step.
luckily, Bargnani, Ford and calderon are only going to get better.


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I agree, we have younger players on our team, and our younger players have more potential then there young players. Also if those players that you mention Celtic do become better then our team will be even better. Out of those three players Bargnani has the most potential of becoming a superstar. If he comes even close of being the next Dirk then we should make the finals pretty soon.

Colangelo knows what he's doing, he's turning this team around just like he did with the Suns, so just wait a couple of years, and we should be in contention for a title.