Raptors Future Part 2


Sultan of Swat
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This is my second Future thread; there have been a lot of changes since my first post. First off I like to say that Brian Colangelo as done a superb job since taking over. First off he got rid of Rob Babcock second worst move while he was the general manager, and that is that he got rid of Rafael Araujo. Mr. Colangelo traded Araujo to the Utah Jazz for Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley. Whaley was waived by the Raptors, and I don’t believe that Humphries will be in a Raptors uniform at the beginning of the season.

Second off he got rid of Matt Bonner and Eric Williams in a trade to the Spurs for Rasho Nestorivich. Some people are angry that he traded Bonner, but I am very pleased, because Bonner is just a three point shooter and nothing else, he’s not a good rebounder, he’s not a good passer, he’s also bad defensively and he cannot drive to the basket. We also don’t lose anything big in Eric Williams because he was basically glued to the bench. Rasho is not a big scorer, but we don’t need more scoring, what we need from him is rebounds and blocks, be an inside presence defensively. I believe he’s a good addition to the team.

Now comes the date June 28th, who are we going to select, rumors have it that Colangelo was high on Andrea Bargnani and was going to select him first overall. 7:30pm hits and David Stern goes up to the microphone, and says with the first overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft the Raptors select Andrea Bargnani from Italy. A lot of analysts say that he was the best player available in the Draft. He has a great jump shot, but he needs to practice is inside game (back to the basket) also is defense needs work as well. He might take 2-3 years to develop, but I truly believe that in 2-3 years the Raptors will be contending for the Eastern Conference Championship, if all the players they have right now develop like where hoping.

Now with the second pick 35th overall, speculations where that we were going to select Dehnam Brown if he was still available, he was still there when it was our time to select, but Colangelo went with P.J Tucker, a 6â€Â5 guard from Texas, a lot of people believe he was a steal at 35th he averaged an incredible 8.2 rpg in is college career, he didn’t average a lot of points only 13.5 ppg, but we all got to remember that he was playing behind LaMarcus Aldridge. I think if given minutes he will make a big impact on this year’s team.

Now with selecting Bargnani that just added another front court player, what we where most in need was a point guard, and rumors where going wild and the big name that was involve was Charlie Villaneuva, then Colangelo finally pulls the trigger and makes a trade with the Bucks, sending Charlie Villaneuva for T.J Ford. In getting Ford we finally get our point guard. Two years ago he missed then entire season, but last year he only missed 10 games, doctors say is Spinal Cord injury shouldn’t be a huge problem for the rest of is career.

Now I believe we’re only a small forward away from a very good team. Rumors have it that Joey Graham will be traded real soon. Also I doubt that Mike James will be back next season, report have it that the Mavericks offered him a contract, and if he doesn’t sign with them he’s probably going to Houston, because he’s interested playing for the Rockets, and the Rockets are interested in him. Next season looks really promising with all the new moves that Mr. Colangelo has done so far.

Now the Summer League is coming real soon, we will see our two draft picks play, I believe both of them should excel in the Summer League.

A little side not on Roko Ukic, people where saying that he would come and play for the Raptors next season, but he’s probably going to play another season overseas, because he’s it’s still expensive to buy is contract.

There’s a lot of time till November, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more moves especially that July 12th is coming real soon. All I have to say is the Raptors Future looks promising, and Chris Bosh will only become better. He and Bargnani will be a great duo in Toronto for years to come.