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    ATLANTA, Feb. 2 -- Morris Peterson isn't too impressed with Toronto's winning record, no matter how long it's been since the team has had one.
    "We're obviously happy about that, but we don't want to stop there," Peterson said. "You don't want to say, 'We're over .500.' You get fat and sassy."
    Chris Bosh scored 24 points and Peterson had 21 to help the Raptors beat the Atlanta Hawks 103-91 on Friday night.
    Winners of five of six, the Atlantic Division-leading Raptors improved to 24-23, the first time since 2001-02 that they've been over .500 this late in a season. Toronto hasn't had a winning record since it started the 2004-05 season 4-3.
    "Now that we're in first place, we're not going to be the hunter, we're going to be the hunted," Peterson said. "We've got to play harder." Bosh also had 10 rebounds to lead Toronto in points and boards for the fourth straight game. But the two-time All-Star said it's a team concept that has the Raptors winning.


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    im proud for the raptors of finally being over 500. mo pete really had a presence to the victory. one thing i would like to say is......Whoo saw the dunks by rasho?? the alley oop??/i never knew he could do that...lol.

    anyways i hope this can be a beginning of a long streak.
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    Yea that dunk was really impressed. I was so surprise when he threw it down I actually jumped up. Even though they were points during the game where the Raptors defence was not very good they dominated thoughout the who game. I know the Hawks aren't one of the great teams in the league but they were ona winning streak and we took care of them. Good game by everyone.

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