Rap Song Wrote By Jeru (AUDIO)


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Product of Boredom

Title - How ill

Listen, I got crazy skills
imma tell you like this

Verse 1:
Im so ill i snatch the food out the hungrey lions mouth
Jog from brooklyn to DC on I-95 south
..without getting fatigued
i travel at light speeds
Get shot with a bazooka dog and barely bleed
I can touch a lightning bolt and not get shocked
Bust shots at the president and wont get knocked
No shitting, swam with the sharks and i aint ever been biten
Had Nelson Mandela quoteing the shit that im spitting
Have every lesbian chick begging for dick
Make that nigga all sharpton cut off that ol' perm shit
Spit fire out my mouth like the mythical dragon
on a unicorn horn, smoke a blunt with a leprachaun

Hook: (scratch effect)
To get this ill takes pra-pra-pra-practice
To get this ill takes practice practice
Im so nasty at this

Verse 2:
Im so ill i got mike bloomberg cutting me check
Pimps instruct there ho's to pay me for sex
I make extra chips teaching david blain tricks
NASA calls my lab before they launch rocket ships
So ill Jackie Chan calls me the black version
after i finish rapping imma be a brain surgen
I can see the planets clearly without a telescope
Went to rome to rock a show, they tried to make me the pope
I had oprah in the crib posing for exotic flicks
Take a trip to fort knox and pick up like 80 bricks
Free all wrongfully imprisoned people out of jail
and when i finished with oprah i snap flicks of gail
I rip the mic all night without taking a breath
swim the atlantic ocean without taking a rest, or getting wet
I always win so gamblers place ya bets
I taking MCs to Maury for maturnity tests


Verse 3:
Im so ill they model computer chips after my brain
When a country in drought they call the kid for rain
Bring peace to the Gaza Strip because i got so much clout
Mario owe me dope for knocking donkey kong out
Wolfgang Puck gave me paper to teach him to cook
J.K. Rowlings asked me to write the next harry potter book
I can feed a million people with one pice of enjada
Darth Vader dont know im really Luke Skywalkers Father
I spend my down time writting scripts for stacy
when i blow shit up i make terrorists hate me
Imma probably end up living until im 180
My stamina so legendary wonder woman try'n to date me
My touch cures the sick like an antibiotic
Slap up steve austin and short out his bionics
Raps on point like a navy seal gunner
im taking shit over this summer and every summer

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Nice. There was a ton of really solid content in there that kept my ears tuned in. "When a country got drought, they call the kid for rain." That I stayed interested throughout the whole thing says something about your writing prowess.