RANT: Women - Shut the **** Up!


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I'm posting this for all the women who insist on talking through the shows and movies we men are trying to watch.

I couldn't sleep much last night so I (we) got up early, fixed coffee and turned on the TV. I scrolled down through the channels until I found a movie on one of the Showtime channels. As we were watching the movie, my wife started running her mouth about this actors or that actresses in the movie that also played in whatever other brain-dead TV shows she watched. She wouldn't shut her **** mouth for five ****ing minutes, and essentially ruined the whole ****ing movie for me. For the first time in over 20 years, I wanted to grab a sock, or shirt, or blanket and shove it down her throat. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted to watch the movie in peace. I don't want to hear her running her mouth, so I told her so, and I guess now I'm in the doghouse for a while. So what? She gets mad in the same pants she gets glad in. If she don't like it, that's just tough.
While I'm on the subject, another thing I don't want to hear is some woman mouthing the script along with, or before, the actors on the screen. I don't care how many times you, or even we, have seen it before. If I wanted to hear you mouth the script I'd turn the **** TV off, plug up my ears, stand you up and let you talk til you're blue in the face. But when I turn the TV on, I really don't mean to turn your mouth on in the process.

So women, do me a favor, huh? When we men are watching a program, movie, etc., please keep quiet, OK?. We don't want to hear your talking above the actors, OK? If you can't manage to keep your **** mouth shut long enough for us to enjoy the movie, then get up and go to another room, outside, or something. Just let us enjoy the movie, and when it's over, you can run your mouths all you want. That's all I ask.
Just Shut the **** Up!!!


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I totally feel your pain. However, I have no idea why this is aimed only at women. My best friend, a guy, does this shit ALL the time.

It's just a "people" thing, IMO, not a "women" thing.


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Did you use those same words when you mentioned it to her?

I think virtually everyone talks to some extent through movies, myself included.
Though granted it's mostly about the film itself and not past movies, that could get a bit annoying.


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Eh, speak for yourself.
Women are also human beings, believe it or not.
They have the right to do whatever the fuck they want just like you do.
Anyway, it's not that hard to ask nicely for your wife to please be quiet because you're trying to watch something.
Come to think of it, why was that not the first thing you did?
"Hey, I really want to watch this. Can we please talk after?"
Seems like you need to grow a pair, not trying to be rude.

I do get what you're saying, though.


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In all honesty, I have to say it's your fault. Why didn't you just say to her, "Honey, would you mind keeping some of it to yourself? I like watching movies without commentary," or something along those lines. Be civil and just say it rather than silently stewing in your juices. If you didn't say anything, she probably thought you had no problem against it so quit whining and voice your opinion next time!

I don't think this knows gender boundaries however. I think people are just inconsiderate.


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Wow. Your wife won't shut up so you accuse 50% of the population of doing the same thing?

That's fucked up, dude. Talk to your wife and tell her how you feel instead of bitching about her to people who don't even know her.


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I second what Jeanie said. And I have to agree that its not only women who do this. I've had to tell a few of my boyfriends to shut up during movies


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Hey Cons - this was another one of those moments, where I just could tell it was gonna hit the fan... :lol:

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I get the feeling that the TV commentary isn't your real problem. It seems more likely that this is the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. Lots of little things, from your wife, and from just life in general, have been slowly adding up, and you may not even remember some of them, but you're still frustrated by them. And unfortunately, not only did you take it out on your wife, you went public with it. Most of us on GF don't know you that well, because you're still fairly new.

While it is annoying, compared to some of the things people (and spouses especially) do to each other, this is pretty small.


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Hey Cons - this was another one of those moments, where I just could tell it was gonna hit the fan... :lol:
Srsly. :lol:

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You should meet my husband, he's worse than your wife. When we used to only have one tv set, I'd even pause my movies and stare at him. Then he'd wonder why. Then I ask him if he has other things to say before I play the movie again because I'd really like to watch it in peace. There's a nice way to say it and there's an assholish way to do it too. I don't know which approach you used for your wife. If it's anything close to your rant here, then I'm not surprised you're in the doghouse.

You might also consider getting separate tv sets. It worked for us.

And like has been already said in this thread, this is not a Woman thing. I would have understand it better if you said "woman - stfu" (referring to your wife...not that it makes it any less rude) but to publicly rant about your wife and the entire women population for this issue is double meh.


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I think it's ok to rant about your significant other on here as long as he/she isn't a member. I mean, we do it with our friends IRL.

But it's not a gender thing, for sure.