Rant Time #3


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Rant Time #3
"Religious Reasoning"
Date: 5/29/08
Genre: Religion/Spirituality


I'm going to start this rant off with the reason why I'm writing it. Why is the human eye such a strong point for believers in God against evolution? I hear it everywhere the debate is held. There's always someone who says, "Look at how complex the human eye is, how could anything other than God have done that?" This is one of those responses that bugs me because not only does it prove nothing nor support THE God, it's a cop out argument from someone who does not know what else to say.

Setting the Record Straight

Just as the heading suggests, I want it to be known that I don't consider myself atheist. I'm more apathetic towards religion and deities as it is. To be 100% honest, I don't think any divine being (if there is one) would have placed us on this Earth to sit around and try and discover their maker or new ways to worship their maker. Then again, I'm not divine so I guess whatever is up there could be a real dick and decide that he/she/it is going to make up a civilization of people who take turns killing and wronging each other in attempts to further every one of their beliefs (from religion to music preference). But I digress. The only religious people that I really have a problem with are the ones who harm others whether it be through forcible brain washing, violence, or even murder (see Crusades, see abortion clinic bombers).

I don't even know what I'm attempting with this article. I guess I'm trying to lay out my thoughts on religion and ramble a bit, nothing else. I don't hate religion, even though there's fair reason to but I don't like it either.

Hot Topic Atheists

The first thing about religion I want to rant on, are the crowd of people I refer to as "Hot Topic Atheists." Basically, these are the people that hop on the "God is a douche, lol" train and try to ride it all the way to "I'm cool and rebellious" Town. These people bug me in the same way that bandwagon sports fans do. To be a bandwagoner, you simply need to be a mindless oaf with no opinion of your own trying to gain acceptance of other people by pretending to like and do what they like. You can usually pick these people out of a discussion because they truly have no idea what they're talking about besides the media staples such as Fred Phelps (founder of godhatesfags.com) and maybe Jerry Falwell. As a long time Red Sox and Patriots fan, I see people all the time pretending to be "dedicated fans" who claim to have been there since the beginning when all they really did was see scores on Sportscenter. Now I'm not against people switching sides whether it be sports teams or deities, but don't act like you know anything until you've done some damned studying and actually know how to talk about the subject.

I've come to notice that my qualms in most blogs tend to be with the simple minded and misinformed. It makes sense that people try to be hip and trendy by being anti-religious and hateful towards believers. However, there is a lot of good that comes from religion, too. I thank my Christian upbringing for some of my stronger morals such as being honorary, respectful, courteous, and generous. I was taught that Jesus was all of these things and loved and cherished people and creatures evenly. Granted, I'm no church-going Christian anymore, but I like the core values I was taught so I'm sticking with them. Jesus himself was a pretty impressive person. Read about Jesus, the man, and learn about some of the great things he's done (most of them for peace if you can believe it!). I'm not telling you to become Christian, but I'm telling you to at least know religions you claim to hate before pathetically trying to beat them down.

The same thing goes with anti-Islam folk. You see most of this down south in the places where brothers get confused for cousins and cousins get confused for lovers, but it's gross to see people outraged against Islam when they themselves don't realize the bloody, brutal history of their faith! Yes, there are some dangerous Islamic people out there, but that's the way it works with every group of people. A few winners, a whole bunch of losers (As George Carlin would put it).

The Other Side of the Coin

As with the Hot Topic Atheists, you also have the religious folk who simply believe everything other prominent religious people tell them.

Well, actually, there's not much to be said here that has already been said in the previous section.

Religion, Policy, and Government

One of the big issues is the separation of church and state. It's actually quite baffling to me that this is even a problem. The idea itself makes perfect sense, personal beliefs should not be involved in policymaking that will affect millions who are not of the same belief. Why is that so hard to fathom? Tough break, your religion can't be called the brand of choice by the US government, but then who says we need one?

What if some president some day comes to the podium and says, "I'm declaring a state of emergency, the underneaths of our beds are in danger . . . the boogeyman has returned. We can no longer sleep peacefully. All beds from now on are forbidden to be higher than the floor they stand on" Wouldn't you be a bit peeved that someone is pressing their beliefs on you? Yes it's far-fetched, it's called a hypothetical situation. I know I'm half-insulting major religions by comparing them to childhood fears, but they're not all that far apart. There is no evidence to support any major religion, end of debate. All we have are remnants of stories told and supposed experiences. So why should stories be placed into such high authority over so many people?

The Wrap Up

Like I said, I don't really know what I was trying to accomplish with this rant. There's just been a lot of religion around this forum lately and not a whole lot of intellectual discussion. It's easy to hate religion, but I think people need to take it slower when discussing it. Yes, it's very easy to get testy with an evangelical or tremendously devout person who insists that the Earth is several thousand years old. However, realize it's the same for them, too.

We all come from different backgrounds and teachings so it's only necessary and polite to respect the opinions of others, no matter how far away they are from yours. Obviously, no everyone deserves that respect, but those people are the minority. Be like Jesus, appreciate people for who they are, do not judge, and do not exclude others based on silly notions. Now if only people would actually follow that idea, it'd be a nice little world, eh?