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Rank your teams division


The return shall be legenday!
There's still a few moves left to be done, but despite a few big names left on the market(Shields), rosters seems pretty much set. With that being said, I want you to rank your teams division, and if you want, a little write up on why your team will finish in that spot.


New Member
AL Central is going to very interesting this season. You could make a legit case for everyone in the dvision with the exception of the Twins. That being said i think the Tigers still win the division. Its hard to bet against them when theyve won so many years in a row. However i wouldnt be surprised to see Indians/Royals do the same thing and Tigers take a wildcard. But either way im excited

1)Detroit Tigers
2)Cleveland Indians
3)Kansas City Royals
4)Chicago White sox
5)Minnesota Twins


Registered Member
I want to be optimistic about the Blue Jays, but recent history has taught me that this team gets virtually no "breaks." However, I do think the AL East is up for grabs right now so I'll be optimistic and say that Jose Bautista and Edwin stay healthy, Saunders and Pompey work out in CF and that 2B isn't such an abomination throughout the season. Might make up for the pitching rotation, but yeah then there's the bullpen. Ah heck why not:

(1) Blue Jays
(2) Red Sox
(3) Orioles
(4) Yankees
(5) Rays


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
The NL Central is getting much tougher to gauge…with big moves by the Cubs and Milwaukee having some strange success last year, things can be tough to guess. I think the Cardinals are strong enough with the addition of Heyward to take first place, even if we don't add any new pitching. That's not to say that it will be easy. The Pirates are always a strong team and I think they'll be our biggest rivals again. The Cubs have had some offseason improvements, but I don't think they'll go from 0-100; we'll see a better performance, but not a significantly better performance from the cursed club. The Brewers' success last year really came across as a little bit of a fluke to me, and they did flounder; I don't think they have the pieces to have any big success this year. The Reds' payroll problems are causing an already declining team to look weaker, and I think that they'll fall last this year. It's an interesting season because it wasn't long ago that they were our chief rival in this division. I feel like I could be wrong on just about any of these teams and it could be a tight struggle for the top spot for much of the season.

1. Cardinals
2. Pirates
3. Cubs
4. Brewers
5. Reds


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'll go like this:

Red Sox
Blue Jays

Blue Jays have a talented team, but I just believe they're missing some important arms in the bullpen to really compete in the division.


The return shall be legenday!
1. Boston Red Sox

2. Toronto Blue Jays

3. Baltimore Orioles

4. New York Yankees

5. Tampa Bay Rays


New Member
A lot of folks are picking the AL East, so I'll go NL East to mix things up a bit. It's pretty simple.

1. Washington Nationals (They are very, very good.)
2. Miami Marlins (Stanton, Yelich and Company is a great core. They've added some solid vets. Pitching is great for that park.)
3. New York Mets (Don't let the #3 fool you. They're still the Mets.)
4. Atlanta Barves (hahahahaa)
5. Philadelphia Phillies (HAHAHAHAHA)


New Member
Ah, hell. I'll do the AL East as well.

1. Boston Red Sox (They're going to win a lot of high-scoring games.)
2. Toronto Blue Jays (Pitching just isn't good enough to eclipse Boston in 1 spot. Boston's offense is more balanced.)
3. Baltimore Orioles (are stupid and I hate them)
4. Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays (Awesome pitching and Evan Longoria. Longoria isn't enough.)
5. New York Yankees (Tanaka is badass, everyone else is a butthead, Eovaldi is going to set a record for HRs given up in Yankee Stadium.)