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Randy Orton


Sultan of Swat
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Some of the less reputable sites, which I won't even bother to link, have rumors that Orton may shift to a part-time veteran role. Body's getting more fragile, and where and how does he fit in the new era? Perhaps he's a veteran enhancement talent like Jericho?


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I have been taking a break from wrestling as late. I haven't watched or read anything since Extreme Rules so I know of no spoilers or story lines. The thing though with Randy is that so many people I know who are fans have almost forgotten about him and really don't care. I obviously cannot and would not speak for all but Orton almost seems to have fallen into that "oh yeah! I remember him!" trap.

If they bring him back for enough but honestly I am not sure how much he has been missed. At best he came across as bland to and at worst just boring and uneventful. But that is just me.


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This sentiment must be mostly because of how many injuries he's had in the past couple of years but I'm not sure I'd say that fans really don't care. From personal experience, Randy Orton generates some really good reactions in house shows and usually, those are pretty telling of their stances on the roster.

I don't know if Orton will become a part-time veteran like Jericho is but I guess that the match with Lesnar will help us see if his body can hold up to a brutal match against Lesnar. But I don't feel like guys like Cena (although his schedule is starting to dwindle a bit) and Orton are now at the status of part-time workers like Taker or Jericho because WWE haven't created enough huge stars yet to take their spots. But I feel like once they do, we're gonna see a shift in the top tier of the card.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
For his health, sure, I get it.

Although they're putting him in right against Lesnar...soooo...be careful? haha

Its weird he's facing a guy who does all those suplexes when he's coming off a shoulder / collarbone issue.


Living in Ikoria
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I'll just be happy to have him back. What I'm finding with this part-time veteran trend is that when guys such as Lesnar, Taker, HHH, etc. are in a match it's a little more exciting. It also provides more opportunities for meaningful and younger/current champions. If Orton has that happen that would be ok I guess, but he's always been a favorite of mine and of course I'd like to see him around almost full-time like normal. As others observed, I can't help but wonder if this rumor is mostly false because he's facing Lesnar. You never know.


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Randy Orton has had some injury issues, but he's still entertaining and one of the biggest stars on the roster. I like him, so I hope he's not gonna be a part-timer already, but there's obviously the possibility of that. It makes sense that he could be a veteran enhancement talent like Jericho, to maybe establish some of the younger talent and give them a push. But, with him facing Lesnar, I think he's still one of the big names and he'll be in the main event picture on Smackdown.