Randy Orton not safe yet (April 29, 2007)

The Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that WWE management are still considering the best way to punish Randy Orton in such a way that the rest of the locker room will take notice and realize there are consequences even though Orton is a main-eventer.

At the moment there is talk of shipping Orton to SmackDown! or ECW, which would hurt Orton as RAW is considered as the main brand and he has expressed a desire to stay on there. Other possible punishments include leaving Orton off Summerslam or even cutting into his PPV bonuses.


#1 Spammer of FC
I wonder if they will actually go through with everything and fire him. It would make sense as much as I hate to say it. He needs to be punished and thats one of the best ways to. Maybe a big fine and a leave from the company tho could settle him down.