Randy Orton Fails Drug Test, Not Suspended


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Randy Orton is the first WWE wrestler to fail a drug test under the WWE Talent Wellness Program's new guidelines - which recently went into effect. Despite his failure in a recent drug test, he will not be pulled off the road. He will continue to appear on both TV and PPV shows, but as a general rule, he is not supposed to appear on house shows for 30 days. Orton didn't appear at any house shows this weekend. For that matter, he hasn't appeared at a house show in about a month.

Under the old guidelines, Orton would have been taken off the road for 30 days due to suspension. Also, he would have lost one month's worth of salary. Under the new guidelines, he will continue to work TV and PPV shows, but he will only have his road expenses covered and receive no bonuses for the shows. The only non-change in the new guidelines is that he will have his downside guarantee docked for 30 days.

WWE recently changed their guidelines because they didn't want to have to interrupt storylines or change PPV matches if a wrestler was to fail a drug test. WWE officials weren't happy with how things went down for the Great American Bash PPV back in July, and with the results for drug tests for RAW talent just now coming in, they didn't want to risk messing up their plans for the Unforgiven PPV.

Wtf is wrong with Randy Orton. I mean come on he is suspended alot. He is a jackass backstage and he does drugs. Why do they keep him around. I think it is dumb because if any one of the less important superstars were cought with drugs (RVD) would be shot through the heart.


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He is an jackass. What the hell is he thinking, That he will get away with stuff he does. he was lucky this time. They didnt suspend him. He always gets suspended. If he wants to have a succesfull career. He better stop taking drugs backstage, That aint good

Luke Wolf

I wish they would just fire Orton. He had success in the WWE handed to him on a silver plater with his run with Evolution, his rivalry with Undertaker, and being Bob Orton's son, and he does shit like this, and seemingly wants to throw away what so many can only dream of achieving.
I Think its because he knows wwe will not fire him because of all of the things you brought up Luke. So he thinks he can do anything because he will not be let go.


I am not a big wrestling fan bust I have seen couple of matches and All I gotta say that Orton is a failure and embarrasement to WWE. He gets suspended too much and If I owned WWE or TNA and Orton gets suspended from a match. I will fire him.