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We spoke about this in the staff section and I am re-making this thread. I am unsticking the other thread with the same title and will stick this one. Please use this one to discuss any random wrestling observations you may have.


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Last night, it was The Revival in OKC; tonight, it was Prince Pretty himself. Tyler Breeze main evented the NXT show in Jacksonville, facing Marcel Barthel (or Axel Dieter Jr, former wXw superstar) and he got a monstrous pop as well.

Honestly, I hope NXT keeps doing this for their house shows. And I bet NXT alums are having a blast doing it those one-offs.

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Randy Orton had knee surgery. Doesn't seem to be anything too serious. He had been putting it off for a while

It seems like he might be out for a while. It'll probably do his character some good, too. He's reached that point where he gets a head of steam from a big return and then fizzles the longer he's around.

Exclusive: Randy Orton comments on recent knee surgery


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I know I've said it before but a part of me still wishes Tyler Breeze could get a solid heel push with his annoying model gimmick. It's so good and he's such a good dude, and good in the ring IMO. He'd be a solid IC or US champ with a solo run.