Random Mutation Table

So once again, the Nefarious Dr. Atomic's experimentation has had unforeseen results! Roll below to find out what extraneous mutations occur to the poor victim he was working on!

1: Someone was lucky: Subject has two mutations, Roll Twice on table.

2: IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!: Subject gains a random psychosis

3: Subject de-ages to childhood. (EDIT: this is a very rapid change)

4: Subject changes gender.

5: Subject's hair now grows at a rate of 4 inches per hour.

6: Subject now speaks Spanish, subject can't speak anything else regardless of comprehension. If he did not understand Spanish before, he still doesn't.

7: Subject now has 3 voices. They are all distinct to each other (like if he was an old man, he would now have a young voice and a female voice as well) They all talk in unison.

8: Subject now has vision -> taste synesthesia (They taste things that they see. This taste is not necessarily accurate, ex: a seeing house may taste like bacon, while seeing bacon tastes like blood)

9: Subject grows a third eye on their forehead. It can see infrared through x-rays on the light spectrum.

10: Subject slowly loses their memory. New memories generally don't hold past sleep, and old memories have to be maintained daily, to ensure they stay. If subject doesn't keep making new memories, they will eventually lose life maintaining skills. Memories are lost randomly, with important (non-life sustaining) ones only maintained through constant vigilance.

Basically, I need 100 (well, 90 more) of these, and would like some help if possible. At most, I'd like 10 of the mutations to be outright beneficial, but similar mutations are acceptable. Basically think along the lines of Mad Scientists if possible. More unusual/comical/creative results are preferable.
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Subject develops translucent skin. Her muscles and internal organs remain opaque, however.

Subject sprouts flowers from her skin at a rate of around 3 new buds a day. The buds take 3 to 4 days to fully bloom.

Subject becomes highly combustible. A small spark can now light her up like a bonfire.


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Subject has developed spontaneous teleportation. Every 2d12 hours, the subject is randomly relocated, with a distance from the local vicinity to ~5 miles in any direction.

I think for that one, you may need to put a simple roll in to see that the unlucky bastard doesn't end up somewhere harmful.
15: Subject now integrates any inanimate objects that come in contact with his skin for 1d6 hours, at which point the objects bonds with him, causing pain if removed. After 1d6 days, the object will have completely integrated with the subject, acting like a new skin, and allowing for more integration.

16: Subject's body develops a mind of it's own. He now loses control of his body over the course of one month, ending with the override of his personality. Can be halted through the removal of 'possessed' body parts

17: Subject breathes fire similar to how most people breathe air, and begins suffocating if he doesn't breathe any in for one day. He also remains otherwise unhurt by non-magical fire. (You could set him on fire and he wouldn't feel it)

18: Subject starts aging in reverse

19: Subject grows eyes on the back of her head.

20: 1d4 of Subject's limbs become snakes. They remain controlled and attached to his body.
As this is actually something I enjoy, here's some I've been working on today.

21: Subject glows, now emitting radiation

22: Subject grows quills instead of hair

23: Subject's face becomes worms

24: When subject becomes cut, the wound heals as a sharp toothed mouth

25: Subject's organs become translucent, while skin remains opaque

26: Subject's body loses cohesion, subject becomes a sentient goo. They can maintain a semblance of a body's form.

27: Subject becomes a cat

28: Subject grows 1d4 arms

29: Subject becomes a human/animal hybrid

30: Subject's eyes, eyebrows, ears, and nose go away. Closing over, falling off, and otherwise becoming unusable and featureless.

31: Subject explodes when critically hurt, and continues to do so every 5 minutes until either killed, or healed.

32: Subject's orifices begin healing over, and must be occasionally cut open to be used

33: Subject loses sentience, slowly becoming feral

34: Subject no longer recognizes people as being alive

35: Subject's body turns into solid rock slowing down until it becomes unmoving, subject's mind remains unaffected.

36: Subject becomes three little girls

37: Subject becomes covered in scales

38: Subject grows second head.

39: Subject grows wings on their thighs.

40: Subject's hair becomes usable as an apendage. Like an army of thin tentacles. Moves on its own until character finally figures out how to use them right.

41: Subject shrinks to half size

42: Subject doubles in size

43: Subject develops compound eyes

44: Subject glows, but is not radioactove

45: Subject's hair changes color according to mood

46: Subject grows feathers along arms

47: Subject's eyes glow green/blue

48: Subject's legs become animal-like

49: Subject has ice breath. This is a constant effect. Intensity based on breath strength, so in normal cases, range is minimal except for sneezes

50: Subject's lower body becomes that of an animal (like a centuar, lamia, etc.)

51: Subject loses one eye. Remaining eye centers and grows to compensate, using it's enhanced ability to focus to judge distance

52: Subject transmits thoughts to others as if speaking out loud.

53: Subject becomes part tree. Maintains normal mobility.

54: Subject's ears grow to be long, and pointed. Subject's hearing improves

55: Subject splits into two. Both belive they are the original

56: Subject develops hard, bony plate armor which gradually covers the body. Gains armor, but can't easily remove it, and has mobility penalties.

57: Subject's skin drastically changes colors to something like blue, white, yellow, black, or green.
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58. Subject's body now has a moderate degree of elasticity. However, the longer a part of the body is stretched, the weaker it becomes. Further, if a part of the body is stretched for 15 minutes, make a DC 5 Fortitude save to determine if that part of the body is stuck in that form for 1d3 hours. Every further 15 minutes a body part remains stretched, the DC is raised by 5.


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Subject grows without cessation, until reaching critical mass and going supernova.

Subject becomes the internet.

Subject's innards flip around, thereby making him walk on his hands, and talk from his arse.