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Movies Random Movie Trivia


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This could turn into some sort of game - but maybe not.

All that you need to do is post your tit-bits of knowledge about anything to do with films. You can simply state fascinating facts about films you love, or if you wish ask questions that you reckon may be challenging and see if anyone knows the answers. It's a running thing. If you want it can be a simple Q&A thing...

Let's see how it pans out. I'll begin by posting some random trivia, and giving a question that hopefully somebody knows the answer too.

Where it goes from here, I do not know.

In Shaun of the the Dead, zombie extras that paid no real part in the plot were paid only £1 for their appearance.

'Dead Man's Shoes' directed by Shane Meadows and starring Paddy Considine was shot in the Derbyshire town of Matlock - A bit of trivia I love, because I live right near Matlock -- And I also love the film. It's great.


Q: Who is the first character to die in The Shining (1980), and who is he played by?
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