Random is here o_0


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People of General Forums...... Hi.

I'm Sean of United States (yay?) and yeah... Hope to see you people around...

Note: Yes I am completely random... my friends criticize me about how I make random comments or whenever I say anything that's off topic but I believe this is a good thing because you always need someone in your life to make a boring conversation interesting!

Anyways... see ya around!


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Ima go with none or infinity ;) Why? Because every pancake I put on the roof will magically disappear when I turn my back to it. Wonder who is guilty, hmmm..?

And it's not the dog....


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Wow! That introduction wasn't random at all.... Get it? Random, your username is random.....ummm ya, Welcome.


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Welcome to GF, Random.

Unfortunately, you're going to have some serious competition around here. There are a lot of us random folk already here, so you're going to have to do some real work to earn a spot amongst us. :nod:

But don't be discouraged. You'll only be lynched, hung, drawn and quartered if you fail. :D

So have at it!


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Don't worry, I'll live up to my name ;)

Thanks for welcomings people!

BWAK, sweet got another egg! Time to cook my breakfast!