Random Injuries!


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You know what I mean by "random injuries"... stubbed toes, hitting your head on cabinet doors, slamming doors on your fingers, etc. Injuries that are very much avoidable if you pay attention to your surroundings.

So what's the worst you've had?


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The first one that came to my mind as the "worst one" was when a low bed was moved in my direction and the sharp edges of the frame took a chunk of skin off my big toe.
I was about 10 y/o at the time.


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Oh my god Boredie.

I used to stub my toes all of the time, I haven't in a while though. *knock on wood*

My worst was when I was really young. I was jumping on the couch, fell, and busted my lips open on the table.


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Nothing serious. I often cut myself with paper. It's not deep but enough to make things more difficult to do with my hands. I have to put band aid strip.


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I dunno if this counts but when I was little I was chasing my sister around the house which you could do in a circle without getting stopped by doors if they were all open and came flying around the corner into the living room and slid into the corner of the arm of the chair and now have a broken piece of bone in my jaw that floats.


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Last year in college i was working on a Nissian Micra and the bonnet opened towards the front of the car, it was open an i was undoing the wheel nuts; they were tight so i had to stand on the strong bar. As my weight went down i musta leant forward and whacked my head on the edge of the bonnet. I think i gave myself some sort of concussion >.<


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At my high school, they have concrete bleacher up against the school. They start 3 feet off the ground with a raililng. I was standing on the drop off side hodling on to the railing at cheer practice one day and stepped back to get off and somehow misjudged the depth terribly and ran my leg all the way down the edge. I had about an 8 inch or so scratch all the way down the front of my shin. The scar from that just barely faded out a couple years ago (there are still minor scars present).


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Oh yeah. When I was really young, my sister decided to flip me. So she grabbed me, tried flipping me, but I didn't tuck myself in like I was supposed to, so I went head first into the concrete. I have a dent in my forehead. :3

Uhm, another injury... Oh! In the 6th grade I broke my arm roller blading. I fell down and landed on my arm weird, so it snapped. I went to this Baptist Atlantic Becah alkj sdfjlk hospital and they put me in a sling and sent me off.

But after a few days my mom thought something wasn't right, my arm was curved and not straight like it should be. So we went to this navy base really far away. (NAS Jax) And they said that my arm needed to be put back into place. They doped me up, put it in place, and gave me a cast. lol


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It's a bit shitty that you had to go to a navel base to get your arm in a cast, the hospital should have done it o_O


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They said I was fine and didn't need it. lol I'm glad my mom took me to the base or else my arm would have healed very awkwardly.