Random Game Talk

I figure we could use a place to discuss some of the smaller things in gaming, things that probably don't deserve their own topic but are still interesting enough to talk about. Obviously we won't allow spammy posts.

I was reading the latest Game Informer at work today and they were listing off fun facts about the Halo series. I had no idea the original Halo was almost a PS2 game. That's huge. That would've been a game changer. Would Microsoft still be making consoles if the Halo juggernaut wasn't an exclusive? Who knows.


Creeping On You
I need a new single player game next time I can afford a game. Playing multiplayer gets kind of stale after awhile. I need another good story.
Have you played The Last of Us yet? That has a great (and brutal) story. I highly recommend it. And I know you want to branch away from multiplayer for a bit, but TLOU's mutiplayer is also pretty good. This coming from a guy that really dislikes third person perspective when shooting random strangers. Haha.


Creeping On You
Yah I've been wanting to try it, just have to wait until later in the summer. My money is tied up with other fun stuff and rent n shit etc


Flawless Victory
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Shadow of Mordor was so much better than than I thought it would be - and it should be somewhat cheap. Great replay-ability, great story, great leveling and action style. If you like Tolkien, it's a must.


I'm currently 5 hours into The Witcher, the first one. I'm finding it very frustrating to play, yet at the same time I keep wanting to go back. They really make you work for every little thing in that game. Even doing a simple quest can end up taking days.
Have you played any of the Arkham games Smel? I'd also highly recommend them. Those are games you can get lost in for a good chunk of time. Arkham Asylum has to be under $20.