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Random Facts


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Like it says, post a random fact :)

President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.


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At approximately 6:07pm (MST) during the Spring Equinox, it is possible to balance a raw egg on it's tip.

I just learned this last week in fact.. I believe the time is a bit different each year though, but try it out next year. :D


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Did you know...
The guillotine was actually invented in Halifax, Yorkshire, England...:-o


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Walt Disney was scorned by his father for wanting to draw, so he moved out at a very young age and tried to get work, which was pretty hopeless at the time. Finally a church allowed him to be their janitor and offered him a dumpy shed-like space in the back to sleep in. It was there, during one of his periods of depression, when he saw a mouse skitter across the floor that gave him the idea for Mickey and made him believe that this was what God wanted him to do.


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Do you know that...
The Himalayas are home to the top five highest mountains in the world.