Rams release Marc Bulger


Son of Liberty
I've always liked Bulger, pretty good QB who had a nice run until Jackson got a little nicked up, he lost his recievers and his O-line fell apart.

Looks like they'll be drafting Bradford after all, huh?


Change the World
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Yeah this looks like Bradford is a lock, which is exciting and a good idea in my eyes. In the current League based on so much passing, we need the help.

I do wish Marc all the best, he's a good guy who hopefully will end up somewhere with a damn good O-Line, lol.


Sultan of Swat
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This isnt surprising at all, I don't really blame him for the bad play of the Rams in recent years. He's shown that he can be a good quarterback if he gets a good offensive line and wide receivers. He just hasn't had that in recent years.


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I think he'd be a nice backup in Pittsburgh behind Big Ben. He went to West Virginia so it makes sense. There are no starting jobs out there for him I dont think.


Internet Dig Dug
Yeah I hope that he winds up somewhere that he will be wanted for mentoring a young QB. He's a great QB but the ram's haven't helped him out with the O-line or the receiving corps.