Rammsteins cool new video, everyone should watch!!!


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Rammstein has a new clip.

its a great, funny and amusing song and clip.

please watch
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i know the URL looks strange but that's really the clip
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Haha, that was awesome. Rammstein is awesome, and so was this song. (and clip). Its like, watching porn, but with good music.
Where did you find this though? Hm, suspicious... ¬_¬


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Well, I like Rammstein, but after clicking the link I was far too scared to go and watch any further. It looks like one of those sites that is just begging to give your computer aids :-/


Hell, It's about time!
Thats an awesome video. Rammstien definitely has some risque material. I think I remember hearing some states have banned their live concerts because he whipped out a dildo on stage :lol: This is one thing I do love about Europe is their total lack of prudeness :D