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Ramen Noodles


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The other day, I went and bought 2 boxes of Ramen Noodles cause i had a craving for them and we were out. Beef and Chicken flavor was what I bought. My mom came home from work the same day and ironically, she also bought a box of ramen noodles. Many people like to eat their ramen noodles plain but I like to add ground beef to it.

When the water comes to a boil, I grab a chunk of ground beef and pinch it into little pieces into the boiling water. I let it cook for a little bit and then I add the seasoning contents and then the noodle. Let boil for awhile and enjoy! Ok, gotta go. Cooking ramen noodles as we speak.


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I like Ramen Noodles but sometimes they are just too salty for me. They taste pretty decent though and it's hard to complain about the price.

It takes a lot of them to fill me up though. I usually stick to sandwiches instead when I am feeling cheap.


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Ramen noodles are one of my favorite foods ever. Normally I make chicken and add some greek seasoning to it. I used to eat like 4 packages of Ramen a day. lol, probably not the healthiest thing.


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Oh gods no! Keep those far away from me.
I O.D. on them in collage and back in my starving artist days.
No thank you. You can't make me.

Not in a car, or in a boat, not with a mouse or even a goat. :lol:


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I used to boil the noodles in one pan, and fry up some beef, gravy and chop suey vegetables in another pan. After straining the water from the noodles, I'd toss the chop suey over them.


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I know a lot of people who still eat them dry, and I don't understand it. They're disgusting that way. Most of my childhood diet involved at least a pack or two a day of the chicken flavored Ramen with some Old Bay sprinkled in it. Yum.


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Used to eat a lot of Ramen noodles all throughout my life especially during my undergrad days in college. I love the chicken and the shrimp flavor. I did however eat it raw and as is during elementary. Youc ant complain about the price and it does fill you up. I usually put in half a packet of seasoning or it be too salty for me. Has anyone tried the asian version of Ramen noodles? They are similar but for some reason, they are sooo much better.


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I had foster children about 10 years ago that would eat them raw, drove me crazy! It was so gross, but they loved them! It was the first time I had seen anyone eat them raw, but since then I have seen it, so I guess it was the thing to do. *eek* :rolleyes:

I don't buy them now, so I guess my daughter is missing out :nod:


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mmm... Drain of some of the broth, add a piece of cheese and some crackers. That was my weekend lunch for about 4 years.