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Movies Rambo


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I was watching Rocky 2 last week and I was sitting there wishing they would make another Rambo movie. I was just looking up Beowulf on yahoo and a Rambo trailer caught my eye. They are going to be making another Rambo movie! Woo Hoo! I have always been a fan of the Rambo series. The movie will be out January 25th.

Rambo trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies


not a plastic bag
thank you for making my day! wow - I am another big fan of the Rocky series and Rambo series.

hey, maybe this will motivate Chuck Norris to do a Missing in Action movie.


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This is very surprising to me, is Stallone gonna still be playing Rambo? If so he needs to quit it with the steroids already. I do like the Rambo movies but he's too old now. Then again I said the same thing about the new rocky and I ended up liking it so who knows.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I heard the title of "Rambo 2" will be "Rambold".... :D

Seriously though. This could be interesting. I am not a fan of resurrecting old movies with the same actors but hey it could work. I definitely won't see it in the theaters though.


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I heard the title of "Rambo 2" will be "Rambold".... :D
Actually, this will be Rambo 4. I have been a fan of the Rambo series as well. It will be interesting to see how they work this one out. Maybe they will kill him off finally, but not before he takes out one last really bad guy.


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I heard Rambo's supposed to
find religion and become a Christian by the end.
I don't really believe it, though.

The name of the movie is supposed to be "John Rambo" (following the last Rocky flick being titled "Rocky Balboa"). I read the studio tried to change it to Rambo: To Hell and Back, but Stallone told them to change it back.
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