Raising Kids vs. Brainwashing Kids


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There are so many different methods of raising kids. So many different lines of thinking to teach them and so many differing views that parents will want their kids to go along with.

So, when does raising your kids become brainwashing your kids? Isn't every parent going to essentially "brainwash" their kids to some degree? Look around at different families you know. Generally all of the kids in a given family will have similar behavior and think along the same lines.

Should parents teach their kids to follow their political/religious/social lines of thinking or should parents never say a word to their kids about what they should or shouldn't believe?


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I think it's natural really, parents will teach their morals, beliefs, and such to their kids from a certain young age. However, I wouldn't necessarily deem that brainwashing in any way, it's just the way we're brought up.

I've been brought up as a christian, and follow the same beliefs as my parents. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm brainwashed though.

As for parents telling their kids how to think and what not in general, it can go either way. If you're telling them how to think, thinking that it can better their lives as a whole, than I don't see why not.


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Religious/political/social beliefs are nearly impossible to avoid teaching especially if you preach them even moderately at home. The difference between "brainwashing" and "Raising" is that what you see yourself doing is "raising" and what you see other people doing is "brainwashing". So it's a matter of perspective.


It's hard to be able to make the difference as a parent.
The moment you raise your kids , you brainwash them with your level of political/social/religious lines.
I think a parent should teach his kids the normal standard morals of behaving, of respecting yourself and the others around you, but when trying to teach the political/religious views you brainwash your kids. Religion should be respected between people who don't view it in the same direction. Imposing a religion means to brainwash your kids.
So when teaching your kids the general social lines, you know how to raise them.
When trying to impose the specific lines, you brainwash them.


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I've been a parent a little over 4 years now and I have yet to force my religious, political views / beliefs, etc. on her. I feel that sort of thing will eventually be her decision when she's old enough to make adult decisions. I'm the kind of parent that embraces the innocent way of raising my child, to show no prejudice, the freedom to explore all cultures even if it's different from our own, to not worry about the way she looks, etc. (even if she had a stache and uni, lol). I believe in giving her the basic tools of life- nothing more and nothing less, the rest she'll just have to seek out on her own and if she looks to us for guidance, an opinion, advice and / or support about certin topics / subjects, etc. in the future, we'll handle it (if that's even the correct way of putting it?) when the time comes and just try and be as neutral as we can that way she can make her own decision(s).