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Rainy Days and Mondays...


Babeasaurus Sex
What gets you down?

For me it's people who don't appreciate the things they have.

Anyone who takes everything for granted.

What one thing will always make your day seem meh?


aka ginger warlock
It greatly annoys me how down I get for no reason I can understand. This morning is a prime example, I was angry, upset and depressed this morning and really didn't want to see anyone. I still went into work and I feel a bit better now and I put it down to lack of sleep and being tired. It annoys me because I know I have things good but I can't seem to control it. No one thing seems to get me down but I can become down for no reason.


Sally Twit
People that put themselves down
When people give up on their dreams
Time of the month


still nobody's bitch
selfish inconsiderate unsafe drivers
people who don't appreciate what they have
people who don't say thank you for small favors like holding the door open

and hitting a bunny on my way to take the varmint to school :cry:


Registered Member
--Days when I make too many errors in my tennis game (like yesterday).
--Thinking about our assets and joblessness. We are in no danger (due to years of good finances) but it weighs heavily even though I try to deny it.
--Missing my dog
--Too many school obligations this week
--Have to remind a client today she owes me money

Maybe those are all just daily pressures, but one being prone to depression, they can also be triggers.


Creeping On You
When things I'm excited for get cancelled, I get down. Although, feeling down is definitely worth having felt excited haha.

Seeing friends argue about petty things gets me down too.

Family doing stupid things, also.


Son of Liberty

if I go out of my way to make something that took alot of effort and I put alot of heart into it... and it doesnt get near the appreciation I was expecting out of it, that depresses me.

But you also got to take into consideration I have an incredibly low expectation from people... so when that expectation is broken... its even more depressing than you'd think. Because truth be told I dont have faith in most people, and I generally expect to be spit on. So yeah.... when that Thresh hold is broken, its sort of an insult to injury kinda thing


Registered Member
Really hot days send me into a pretty dark place. Losing a patient (animal) at work always throws me off for a few days too.


-Rainy days
-Monotonous days when I go work-home-work-home.
-Not keeping in touch with my old friends. The feeling I have when an old friend has forgotten/doesn't care to call me anymore.
-The weird feeling I get when meeting a friend after a very very long time and there's nothing to talk about because our lives have changed so much that it's unable to find common points to discuss.


Registered Member
- Ungrateful people, I mean a nice little "thank you" would be nice.
- Drifting away from those who used to be my best friends. I'm going through this, and it greatly depresses me.
- That time of the month, especially when it comes when you're not prepared.
- The fact that I just don't have the ability to trust someone completely.