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Rainbow/Shades Colors


Sort of like two ideas in one. The first one probably won't go over as well.

  • Rainbow Color - Is it possible to select a font where each word you type it become a different color. Ex: The cow fell down and got impregnated. The = red, cow = blue, fell = black, down = gold, and = green, got = red, impregnated = blue.

  • Shaded Color - Different shades into the whole post. Let's say you pick blue; you begin your post with the darkest shade of blue and by the time you end it it'll be aqua blue. As you post the color of your words gets lighter and lighter.
Yes? No? I just wanted to throw this idea out there.


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Maybe but a lot of these text formatting codes only work on Internet Explorer. They are kind of 90's for the most part and newer browsers didn't bother to support them.


Won't it be a strain on the eyes having the text change colour so often?
Most likely. I just wanted to throw the idea out there. An idea to think about if you ever want to use it or if it inspires another idea off of this one.


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I'm sure Chaos will like that font color.


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I vote no. Rainbow? Seriously? Terrible idea.