rain and a jump


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this may sound silly but then again i don't know so i thought i would ask...
is it safe to jump a car in the rain??

I'm at work and my car is dead and its raining.... :sigh:


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Luckily I park in a garage at work and have had to do this once but I'd probably not recommend it but that's just me. Maybe some mechanics will show up.


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Just don't touch any of the metal on the car with your hands while doing it. Also if there's TOO much rain you can damage your computer components so it's probably worth waiting if it's poring. If it's a light rain then you should be ok.

Just don't touch any of the metal on either car either car with your bare hands and make sure you have decent shoes on with a good rubber sole.


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Car jumping fun and frolicking. Don't advise it in the rain!



Serious answer: I don't see why not, highly unlikely but the worse you shall get is a sharp zap that would send you numb for a few minutes.


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Didn't you blow out a tire yesterday or the day before? Bad couple of days for you and your car.


my bologna has a 1st name
well the rain had decided to fall was like a terrential down pour so I chilled in our break room (which has two couches, a recliner, 3 computers, a 56" tv, a wii, an xbox 360, and surround sound) until the rain stopped and then got a jump. All is well