Movies Raimi After Spider-man 3: What Has He learned?

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Altanzitarron, May 21, 2009.

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    Superherohype have an interesting interview with Raimi up on their site.

    Source: Sam Raimi on Returning to Spider-Man - Superhero Hype!

    I'm glad that the negative reviews of spidey 3 hurt him a bit, I hope that it will shape the choices he makes with the fourth installment. Also his emphasis on going back to basics seems promising. Despite the massive oversight of spider-man 3 I am still happy to see the franchise in his hands. He did a lot of good with the first 2 and maybe the fourth will be a pleasant suprise, hopefully a much more humble and not over reaching film all round.
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  2. ysabel

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    I know someone who actually loved Spiderman 3, among the three. Haha. I remember it breaking my nightly ritual of new DVDs before going to bed because I never finished it in one sitting. I hope the 4th one will be better. Looks like Sam is taking pointers from the negative reviews.
  3. Italiano

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    Hopefully he's learned to stop listening to the forum fanboys and the comic connoisseurs for advice on the Spider-Man films.

    That's what happened on Spider-Man 3.
  4. Cyberleader

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    I quite liked SPM3. I do wish they'd dropped some of the 'dark' Peter stuff to incorporate more Venom later in the film. Peter's change of persona could also have been better written, but worked well enough.
    I always thought that Sandman's involvement in the final fight didn't make much sense as he was essentially a good guy that never really set out to hurt people. It made little sense that he would want to just 'kill the spider' with Venom.
    In the game, Venom took Sandman's daughter hostage as an incentive and that would have worked better.

    Anyway, its obvious he learned from the last 3 films. Like I said, SPM3 wasn't bad - Venom was perhaps one enemy too much and many people thought it was cluttered for that reason. So he should take that from SPM3.
    Two villains are a good idea. One villain in 4 lessens the threat, or diminishes his skill, after Spidey having to tough it out against three in the third film.
    Perhaps one villain for Spider-man to fight and one for 'Peter'. Perhaps Peter has to find and cure Lizard, whilst also battling Scorpion as Spidey?

    I'm just really looking forward to it. Sam has said that he was done with intros and story arcs and that spidey 4 and 5 will be the ones where we have some fun. Still, he seems to have changed that outlook a tad in that interview.
  5. Chaos

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    I didn't dislike Spiderman 3; I just thought they went the complete opposite direction for a lot of things. I dislike that they used Venom in a film with other enemies. Venom's a core enemy character and he deserves his own film, or at the very least to have been against Spiderman alone, without the distraction of two other enemies.

    Raimi just tried to hard, and it shows. But that said, I still have the DVD and I'll still watch it. I just hope he's learned his lesson now, is all.
  6. Italiano

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    Spider-Man 3 had too much clutter and combined what should have been at least 2 separate movies all into one clusterfuck.

    As a result the movie suffers from poor development, extremely weak character arcs and goes out of it's way to try and satisfy the Spiderman fanboy population.

    It pulled a complete 180. It went from having a significant, progressive story with defined characters and a clear dramatic goal to an overabundance of villains, a very over-the-top and backwashed Peter Parker and unexplainable, arbitrary actions taken by him. Quite simply it was very poorly written and I can't see anything another mere sequel can do to save this franchise.
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