Rags to Riches - inspiring stories


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Does anyone like hearing about people who supposedly were no bodies, through hard work and sheer determination, make it to the top through music, such as RnB artists, rock star, rappers, etc...

I like watching stuff off of this nature, it sort of inspires me a little to do just a little bit more for myself.

What do you guys think of these kind of stories?


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I prefer to hear about the people who have come from nothing and really worked to make it, over stories of people who had daddy bribe the record producer so they could make an album. I have a lot more respect for these people, it kinda makes you realize that they were once just average like you and gives you a little motivation.


The Rock is cooking atm..
An example would probably be Michael Jackson and his whole family. With literally nothing going for them, they worked through small pubs and venues and became one of the biggest acts of all time.