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Rage Against the Machine


aka ginger warlock
Rage Against the Machine are not my favorite band, that title belongs to others but they are band I love and if there is ever a band who are willing to stand up to the music industry and say they are doing something they want to do and not what the music industry wishes they are the ones to do it.

As a band they were not around for that longer period of time, they released four albums but to be fair the last album was pretty much they swan song and until 2009 they basically disappeared. I would love to see another RATM album or indeed to see them live again but I have pretty much resided to the fact that seeing them in 20120 was a one off event sadly.

But if you are fan of RATM which album is the best they made for you and which tracks rate in your top three?

For me this was the best album:

And my top three songs would be:

Wake Up



Sleep Now in the Fire
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Initially, I like Rage Against the Machine. I like the music, I like the message their lyrics had. I liked that they stood up to the industry. I just have a huge issue with the actual way the lyrics were written. It's like in each and every song he got bored and decided to repeat everything a million times. Yes, I realise that the repetition was part of the way they got their message across but after a little while of listening to them it gets too much for me.