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  1. pro2A

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    Why do East Coast stations start with a W and West Coast stations start with a K?

    Examples are radio stations are either WNEP on the East Coast or KDKB on the West Coast.

    Anyone know?

  2. BigBob

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    From what I understand, that's just how the cookie crumbles.

    Actually, they say it's just the call number or whatever it's called the FCC gives the stations. Though some people say it has to do with what side of the Mississippi River you live on, for whatever that matters.
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    i went to school for tv/radio and the best i was told was it was to separate east and west cause there wouldn't be enough call letters.
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    There are some West Coat / East Coast oddities out there:

    Why in Smokey and the Bandit, and I believe in real life, was Coors beer not allowed to be sold east of Texas?
    Why is it Hellmans Mayonaise on the east coast and Best Mayonaise on the west?
    Is mayonaise an instrument?
    Why is it Hardees Restaurant in the south, but Carl's Jr in the west?
    Why can't you buy Mello Yellow anywhere other than the south?

    These are the questions that keep me up at 2:30am.
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