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Radio Free Europe back on the frontline


Free Spirit
Staff member
A quarter century after it helped topple totalitarian Communist regimes in eastern Europe, the US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is duelling Moscow again, this time in a media war over the Ukraine crisis.

Radio Free Europe back on the frontline with Russian and Ukrainian broadcasts
I think this is great, we need to counteract what Russia, or other countries, is putting out when its a lie. I bet a lot of Russians don't know what is going on. Probably kept in the dark more than we are or like some Americans they chose to be in the dark.

I have been reading Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty news site lately. Some of the stories they post you never hear about in the US. I don't think that many Americans are interested in what is going on in Ukraine, or that part of the world in general, enough to care.



Registered Member
Well lets see.
Eric (in the US) said "The real problem is, Russia didn't retaliate against the EU, neither against the U.S. What they did is retaliation against their own fellow citizens. I don't think losing the Russian market for the EU & U.S. is even 1% of what losing the ability to buy quality stuff from the first world is for ordinary Russians. Once again, the Russian authorities demonstrate that they treat people just like another resource, like oil, gas, etc. Maybe that will be the last straw for the people to finally wake up though?"

Then Hddscan (in Russia) said "As you may notice Russians disagree with you."

Then Lampada was unhappy about personal attacks (on Russians) and closed the thread. Then she unlocked it again and said:
"Тема открывается с требованием взаимоуважительного отношения участников и отсутствия присутствия любой пропаганды."
That means "Topic reopens with a requirement of mutually relations of participants and the lack of presence of any propaganda."

Its the same at the other Russian forums. Most Russians dont wanna hear anything from the west right now. There was another American member at the forum I quoted from but he rage-quit. The Russians were seriously jumping his posts.

Anyway thats how Russians are reacting right now to the west so I dont think the radio thing will be very effective.

But it does explain what I read in the Kremlin newspaper this morning. The Russian government is working with some really serious radio equipment in Crimea. They said they were upgrading the computer systems.
Also they said they were blocking western sites online and they said they had an emergency internet shutdown they would use if anything harmful came through.
I think the radio equipment in Crimea is probaly jamming equipment. If they really wanted to start a war in Crimea then they shouldnt have announced it in the media. The FSB can read those articles.