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Radical Honesty; Could you do it?

What do you do with the Find?

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Son of Liberty
I was reading this Article just now and it got me thinking about the situation and how rare this response is.

SALT LAKE CITY – When Josh Ferrin closed on his family's first home, he never thought he'd make the discovery of a lifetime — then give it back.
Ferrin picked up the keys earlier this week and decided to check out the house in the Salt Lake City suburb of Bountiful. He was excited to finally have a place his family could call their own.

As he walked into the garage, a piece of cloth that clung to an attic door caught his eye. He opened the hatch and climbed up the ladder, then pulled out a metal box that looked like a World War II ammunition case.
"I freaked out, locked it my car, and called my wife to tell her she wouldn't believe what I had found," said Ferrin, who works as an artist for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.

Then he found seven more boxes, all stuffed full with tightly wound rolls of cash bundled together with twine — more than $40,000.

Family finds $45,000 in new home — then returns it - Yahoo! News
So you buy something, be it a Used Car, a House, an old Armoire, anything for that matter... and you find a Hidden Treasure like this. A large sum of money.

What do you do in this situation? Do you pocket it? Do you Donate it (Same as keeping it)? Do you give it back to the people you bought it from.

NOTE: Now for the sake of "Giving it back".... lets pretend that you Know the Previous Owner... so its not a matter of "I bought a house from a bank". Sure you bought it from a bank.... but you know the people who used to own it.
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New Member
V.I.P. Lifetime
To be honest, if I had bought this house, NOT knowing the previous owners, then I would have held on to the money for a period of perhaps 1 month after the sale. If in that time the previous owners made no effort to contact me (it's not like they wouldn't know where I live), then I would most likely donate the money to a worthy cause.

If I did know the previous owners, I'd make the efforts to contact them.

The idea of keeping the money for myself wouldn't be one I'd consider in either account.


rainbow 11!
I definitely agree with Elana 100%. It wouldn't be right to keep the money, no matter how tempting it would be.


Registered Member
If I didn't know the owner, I would without a doubt keep the money. If I knew them.. I'd think hard about it. I'd love to say that I'd give it back, I really would. But in this current situation I'd probably count it as a blessing.


Son of Liberty
First thing I did when I got my new house...

I went up to the Attic in hopes of finding leftover stuff the previous owner forgot :hah:.

So for me... its a losers weepers finders keepers situation. If you were that lackadaisical with your belongings, especially something as liquid as a Stash of Cash... Its mine now.

I figure they couldn't have been missing it that much if it was lost to begin with.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
If I had known the previous owner or were friends with them or whatever then I would definitely return the money to them. However, if I didn't then I cannot say for sure that I would do the same thing. $40,000 is a lot of damn money.

Maybe that makes me a bad person but if you're stupid enough to not take that with you then I don't know, I wouldn't feel too bad for you.


Registered Member
The only peeps that would ever lose that much money are

A. Dead, so they're not alive to look for it.
B. Too effiing stoopid to even be alive.
C. Have so much money they don't need it.

Eff yeah! I'd make the final payment on the house! :D


aka ginger warlock
I think this is a case where most of us would like to think we would give the money back but out minds would change if it actually happened to us. I would like to think I would be honest and attempt to give the money back but if I found that amount of money I would likely keep it, it might be selfish but likes other have said if someone left that sort of money they can't be missing it too badly.


It's kind of strange that the owner of the house might have forgotten about the hidden treasure. Nobody would ever forget about that treasure so I guess there's something fake about all this story.

Truth to be told? I would keep the treasure to myself. If the previous owner didn't care / "forgot" about the treasure, why would I care?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I would keep the money unless I knew the people. I don't think keeping it is necessarily being dishonest. When you buy a house, you should be entitled to keep whatever the previous owners left behind.