Racy Pictures of Grady Sizemore Leaked


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Racy pictures of Indians centerfielder Grady Sizemore have surfaced on the Internet, and now he may take legal action.

NewsChannel5's Bob Jones reported that some of the pictures posted on a Web site show Sizemore dressed, but others show him in his underwear and one shows him naked with only a coffee mug covering him.

NewsChannel5 and newsnet5.com are not showing the photos.

An investigator with Major League Baseball said the pictures were stolen from a personal computer and that a criminal complaint may be filed with local law enforcement.

Sizemore told the Plain Dealer that the pictures were stolen illegally from his girlfriend's e-mail.

In the pictures, Sizemore appears to be taking pictures of himself with a cell phone while looking into a mirror while in various stages of undress.

Fans said Sizemore should have been more cautious.

"As far as I know, he's a public figure and you can expect things like that, you know," said Cleveland resident Parker Amstel. "People are gonna try and get it if you don't guard your things well enough then hey it's gonna be out there. I would say ignore it and it'll go away."

Sizemore told the Plain Dealer the pictures were meant for his girlfriend only. Several reports said his girlfriend is Playboy Playmate Brittany Binger.

Grady Sizemore Photos May Lead To Criminal Investigation - Sports News Story - WEWS Cleveland
If I was ever a celebrity, I would never send naked pictures to anyone cause I know they will try to sell the pictures and I don't want it to end up on the web. Perhaps he wants to pose for playgirl?