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    I'm sure everyone's heard examples of the excuse for when you don't like someone of "You only don't like them because they're [black, white, jewish, christian, etc.], you racist." even when you have a perfectly valid reason for not liking someone or someone's works. (take for example http://www.central-fusion.net/forum/index.php?topic=3225.msg39314#msg39314 )

    I'm sure everyone's also experienced real examples of racism as well. Even though our society is much more equal now than it used to be, there still is a ways to go before true equality is reached.

    What is your reaction to racism? Why do you think people fall back on racism as an excuse, and why are people still racist even in our current almost entirely equal day and age? What do you think needs to happen in society to achieve a more perfect equality of races?

  2. Honestly I think it's bullshit. Race doesn't make a hair of difference to me. And the worst part is that people go on with it in another form. Almost every College/University out there in the U.S. will tell you how diverse their students are. When they say diverse they mean they have more than a single ethnic background at the school. But what does that really account for? Looks? Is a room full of people any less "diverse" when you turn the lights out? Are we less "diverse" when we're online hiding behind names instead of faces? No. Even acknowledging that race makes someone different in terms of anything other than looks is racism.
  3. Kazmarov

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    Race, culture, religion...everyone may be different at surface levels, but beyond that its all one's own perspective. Once you believe that difference in those fields is important, than you begin to close your eyes.
  4. Mecha

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    And do you know why? Because it enhances the quality of the education there, and leads to a more positive student body.

    ...Which, believe it or not, higher education used to be like that.

    False. Does saying the fact that blacks are given worse sentences than white for drug offences make me racist? What about the fact that having a diverse racial makeup ensures a diverse range of views that otherwise would not be possible?

    There is a difference between dealing with race and being racist. The difference should be clear just by the words themselves, but...

    False. Culture is not superficial, nor religion. Do you honestly equate a brutal, nigh sadistic way of life or one of ignorance with one that is not? In order to equate those, one must hold no values or judgements what-so-ever.

  5. Kazmarov

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    I hold that there are no savage or civilized societies, there are only different cultures (its a direct question off of Political Compass). Do I view fundamentalism differently from liberalism? Not particularly, I agree with parts of both their philosophies. Do I have a preference? Yes I do, but I do not treat fundamentalistic or ignorant societies differently from others. If the society is based on the ignorance of one person, than yes perhaps, but as a whole no.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    I'm not a racist never was, I might joke around sometimes, but the key word is JOKE. There's all kind of racism in this world, but the biggest are against the black people. I personally hate people that are racist, and I don't understand why they're racist, it's probably the way they were raise by their parents. I've seen a lot of racism threw out my life, and one time I saw a Caucasian person doing something to an African American, and I stood up for the African American, because first it was wrong, second I believed he needed my help, but don't get me wrong I would do the same thing for the Caucasian if he was in trouble.
  7. Kazmarov

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    I have no tolerance for people that are racist but believe that they are just joking. This is different from people who simply joke about it, their demeanor is quite different. They use joking as a back up when they manage to be stupid enough to tell someone who cares about how bad that is. There is a rather blurry line, but when it's crossed, its fairly obvious.

    My main campaign is against anti-gay sentiment in my high school. It is simply ludicrous how much people seem to use anti-gay language in common speech, and feel that there is nothing wrong with it. Granted it is a Catholic school, but i'm part of a very active group of people trying to create more groups and spread the idea that this kind of idiocy must stop.
  8. Kyo_Muramasa

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    There will alway be a group of ppl that will forever be racist in this fast growing community were all ethnic group are joining together and getting along. There will always be white ppl who think they should still rule over blacks, there will always be black who still hate the whites for what they did, and there will always be mexicans who will be angry for what the americans did to their country. Can we change their minds? NO cause their so hardhead and so set on one path that we can hope they will open their own eyes themselves and see the wrong that they are doing. Nothing can completely go away and alot will just have to except that weither they like it or not. Even in today's age where parents won't let their kids go out with another ethnic group besides their own the kids don't care cause they do it anyway and they so no wrong in it because they weren't use to hating the other color while they were growing up. As long as the kids today aren't really forced or influenced about racist and can still know the difference and the consequences of their choice then just let the thing run it's course....somewhere down the line it will stop but until then I think we just gotta live with it and try not to make it stronger.
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    From my perspective, which is a very pessimistic yet realistic one, is that racism will always exist. As far as I can tell, racism stems from different degrees of ignorance. People don't understand the other person's culture/religion/etc., so then they make premature judgements, judgements that could be viewed as racist. Another factor that ignorance ties in with is stereotypes. A lot of people are racist because their only comprehension of another ethnicity comes from the stereotypes that have been glorified by our society. Sadly a lot of different ethnicities do fulfill a lot of the stereotypes that have been created by them, simply because they believe that they might as well do what people expect them to do because it's not like it's going to change anything. But I digress. My main point that I am trying to make is that the human race seems to almost be naturally ignorant, and when they come across things they don't understand, they jump to conclusions instead of trying to understand better.
  10. Mecha, you're missing what I'm trying to get across entirely. My point is that it shouldn't matter if a campus has many ethnicities on it or not. You'll still have people going there majoring in architecture while some are there for art or science or math or engineering or [any other area of interest here]. This is the sort of thing that really makes people different, it's more than something that's just skin deep.

    No, what you're observing is the correlation between race and racism. Observing that is not racist, it just shows that racism is still around. My point is that those sentences should be the same to the letter. Justice should be blind.

    Diverse racial makeup ensures the following:
    -variety in the way people look.

    However, if you meant diverse cultural makeup then you would get the range of views that you're talking about. Race is not necessarily an indicator of a different culture. Nor is a different culture a necessary indicator of a different race. Religion has even less of a correlation with race than culture does (think missionaries).

    Oh yes, we all learned this in history class. Some here may even be old enough to remember this (doubtful, but possible). But seriously, now that anyone can get in why do the universities still have quotas? Why should a university be able to deny someone entrance because there are too many people from [x ethnic background] already accepted and not enough from [y ethnic background] accepted? Is it because everyone from [x ethnic background] thinks the same but [x ethnic background] thinks differntly from [y ethnic background]? Certainly if they all look the same they cannot be diverse in any way! Oops, if that was true then the senate would have little trouble deciding anything. Point being, just because any given two people look the same does not mean they have any less potential at being diverse than a pair of people who look different.

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