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Rabbit hunting trip


Registered Member
hello dear friend
how r u all
in this topic i will show u some
of my Rabbit hunting trip
in the empty quarter in the kingdom

this is the first one a small bunny

and this is me and my car land cruiser fj 2010

i hope u like it


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Not too sure if the last picture is really appropriate (some member might find it disturbing bud), but otherwise I thought the first two were cool. Posing the rabbit on the hood, kinda lol'd there. Nice ride by the way.



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welcome shwa
and the last pic its very normal
thanks for being here

hello SmilinSilhouette

ur fj is very nice
and i wish to go for hunt with u
thanks for being here
good luck dude​


Registered Member
I don't see how anyone could be proud of showing this picture.
You should have kept it for yourself.
listen ..
this is a hunt trip not a game
we must use the guns
let me ask u
how do u want me to catch her ..?
run behind it or do u want me to call her
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Registered Member
@ Elly: That is a cool picture and I'm glad he shared a picture of his successful hunt. If you don't like it then why would you visit a thread about a hunting trip? Just to complain? Don't click on the link I posted unless you want to see the dead whitetail deer I shot.

@ Musaid: It would be cool to go hunting with you. I like rabbit, they are tasty.

I hope to get the new FJ when they are available.

Also your reply to Elly made me :lol:
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I'm not against hunting but I don't think it's appropriate for the general public view to share a bloody picture of a hunted animal[especially when there's no warning]. It's like sharing the picture of a beheaded human.
[Before replying to this thread] I saw the picture of your hunted deer, SS and I think it was pretty normal to be shared therefore I didn't complain.
To make it clear for you, it's not about hunting that I complain but it's about the pictures that one decides to share.
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