R4gg3tyM4n - The Adventurer of the Wastelands

I am the r4gg3tyM4n. I was once a police officer until my wife and kid were killed by mauraders in the austrailan outback. I then roamed the endless wastelands in search of fuel and my beloved dog, Dogmeat. I then fought more raiders and beat a man up who flew in a gyrocopter. I then fought Master Blaster in an epic battle inside Thunderdome, in which Tina Turner decided that if i break a deal, face the wheel. I spun and my fate was decided when I was Goulaged. I then ran into a bunch of creepy kids who thought i was captain Walker. I proceeded to save the kids and beat tina turner...in which she spoke those immortal words...

we make quite a pair, dont we raggedy man.....see you around.

thus ended my epic three movie adventure.


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You forgot the part about moving to Beverly Hills and gettin' jiggy wit it. However, your intro was nonetheless sufficiently bizarre for you to fit right in. Welcome aboard... ugh, I can't bring myself to type that leet. I'm just going to call you Rags. Welcome aboard, Rags.


Its good to have you here. Hope you have fun while your on here.


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Nice to see a different intro on the board! Very nice!
Welcome to Gf! Can't wait to read some of your posts.
So tell us about yourself.