R.I.P Sooty


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Sadly i had my cat, Sooty, put to sleep yesterday, after she suffered a stroke. She lasted 16 years, quite amazing, considering that I am only 20.

No more pets for me i think.


Mark ov teh Pond
Sorry to hear that. I had a Siamese cat that was bought the same year I was born, and she died at 21. I was pretty broken up over it, naturally. Cat's the same age as you, growing up is like having another sibling. I have one cat still alive, but when she bites the big one I think I'll be done with pets too.

Plus, the little shit sheds all over the place.


oh wow LMAO. i thought you had ONLY Sooty at home.
well..if i were you i wouldn't take any pet, anytime soon :lol:


Boom Boom Pow!
I'm sorry to hear about your pet.

I went through the same thing, my cat who I had for 13 years got put down a couple of years ago. :(