Quitting your job


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Does anyone have any interesting stories of getting fired or quitting their jobs?

Do you find it hard to tell your manager your moving on to a better place?

For some reason, I've always find it difficult to tell my manager that I'm quitting even if I hate my boss and the job itself. I know it doesn't make much sense and I don't understand why it's so difficult when I should be eager of doing it since I hate the job.

How about you guys?


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No interesting stories...but I'm usually offered promotions when I quit. I never have taken the promotion before...but sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had.


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I was working in a call centre for Bank of America and the guy on the line was being a complete jerk so i just said "yeah mate whatever " took off my headset and got up and walked out, left the guy screaming down the phone line to nobody.

My Mrs worked in the same building for a different dept so I went and told her I was quitting and I would see her at home when her shift finished.

She did the same and got home about 5 minutes after me.

They actually tried to sue me for loss of earnings or something because of the guy I left hanging on the phone but the courts wouldn't even look at it.

That was one of the best days of my life.


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I don't have any real interesting stories, but I have quit my fair share of jobs. I'm not too proud for most of them, because I am very social and friendly with my co-workers. Walking out on them was hard and I felt like I left them down.

I was working at a Casino, well, in a Casino kitchen and I put in my two weeks and the one supervisor that never liked me was talking about me behind my back, the people who overheard it (from the changing shift) informed me and I turned around and left with them. I wasn't about to work a shift with a supervisor that was going to be a dick all night because I was on my two weeks. They only had one cook on that night, and the reason I felt bad is because he was a good kid. We got along fine and I felt like I let him down. Still, some things are just downright unacceptable to me. This was actually the only job I put a two weeks notice in beforehand, and still didn't finish it.
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The only job I've ever had was fairly easy to quit, since they kind of knew from the start when I would have to leave. But my manager actually forgot so it was a little cringey having to remind him. Not too bad though, I imagined it to be a lot worse.


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Nearly all the jobs I've had have always been on a temp contract, so me and the manager and everyone else knows when I'm due to leave so it kinda helps with the whole awkwardness of leaving a job.

The two jobs that I've ever quit from were really hard for me to quit. I was really nervous and I was afraid that my bosses were going to say something or get angry. I really didnt like doing it and was glad when it was over.


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I've techically quit one job and quit an internship haha.

The job I quit was when I worked for my aunt and uncle. I had worked with them throughout college for about 7 total years before I got my current job. They knew it was only a matter of time so it was pretty easy. I was never going to stay there for the long haul.

My internship was a little different. I worked at the job above and the internship at the same time. Once the internship was over I stayed on for a couple months afterwards to see if they'd give me more money then the job I had just took. Well, they never did and they wanted to keep paying me, well, nothing. That was the main reason why I told them I was done but there was also an incident with one of the "main guys" (I won't get into who he was).

I am very laid back and a nice person but dont get pissed at me over nothing and then throw something at me because then I'll fight back. I quit pretty much right after that incident. I remember after we had the encounter I just sat there and did nothing and ran the show into the ground. I told him to go fuck himself and then left the building. I then proceeded to call my boss and tell him what happened.

Needless to say the guy who throw something at me was forced to apologize...my boss also apologized. That's where I told them either give me a fulltime job or I'm gone. They couldnt do it and that was that. FYi...that "bigshot" ended up getting fired 2 months later.

Good times.


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I actually have to quit my current job soon and i'm not really looking forward to it. It's the longest job i've held at coming up for 3 years, and even though they know i'm going to be leaving sometime this year it's still going to be awkward for me.

The only other job i've actually had to quit, they gave me my shifts for the following two weeks, and they gave me 5 shifts of 8am - 11pm. I went in on my next rostered day on and told them to shove the job up their ass. I was still in school at the time, and it was exam time so there was no way I could work those shifts and study for exams.

My other jobs have been either seasonal work, or contracted until the work was done so I didn't have to quit.


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i've only had to quit once and it was awkward. I always feel bad because I know my boss could really use me. I also feel bad for my co workers because I'm leaving them more work to do until the boss hires someone else. But it's an anxiety I get over quickly, because quitting is just a part of life I suppose.


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I've never been fired. I always quit my job. Most of the time I do it with regret because I liked what I was doing...I just didn't have a choice that time. I guess it's harder if I were quitting because another company wanted me (I'd feel like I betrayed my company).