Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking?...Easy or Hard?

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i just quit smoking recently and found it to be rather easy...im joining up in the army and i realised smoking aint doin much good for my fitness so i stopped then and there...

anyone else who has quit smoking:

what was it like...easy or hard?

and how did you manage?
I'm still in the process of quitting. YOu never really completely quit till you die, ya know what I mean? If you have that one cigarette three years from now then you didn't quit, you just took a break ha.

Anyway I've been going on a month or so without smoking, and it's been pretty tough for me. I didn't have a really easy time with it, and still don't. But I'm getting through it a day at a time.


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For me it was really easy, no withdrawals, no bad moods, nothing. I just decided one day I didn't want to smoke anymore, so quit cold turkey. Although I fully agree with Sui, cause every now and then (usually when i'm around a lot of smokers), then i'll have one. Just a little relapse. I quit just under a year ago, with one or two relapses since.


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I quit last November...and it wasn't easy. It felt like I was going crazy at first to be honest. The dizzy spells were the hardest for me to deal with. They would always hit me at work, and it was hard to focus with that going on.

The way I dealt with it was through drinking lots of water and chewing lots of sugar free gum to keep my mouth busy, and through working out a lot to keep my mind distracted.


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It's possible if you have a big enough reason to quit. I wouldn't say easy, but I'd say possible. I used to smoke when I was younger and quit because the person I was seeing didn't approve. He didn't say I couldn't be with him because of it but I knew he hated it so much that I wanted to quit.

A girl I know found out she was pregnant and quit just like that. She used to smoke 10 a day and just stopped when she was told the news.


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I never smoked so I wouldn't really know.

One of my colleagues stopped, she struggled after the first couple of weeks but eventually she managed to get over it and she's already noticing a better bill of health.

Good luck Shaggy with your continued smoke free living!!


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I have never been a smoker, so I wouldn't know how hard it would be, but right now one of my friends is trying to quit because she is pregnant and she just gets so moody, I'm guessing it's a mix between being pregnant and the withdrawl symptoms! :lol: She is finding it quite hard though, but I hope she keeps it up for her sake and the baby's sake.

Well done, Shaggy, for being able to quit.


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I quit towards the end of last year. My lungs were in shit and i was going under surgery early this year so i wanted to be in better health for when it came round.

I found it to be pretty easy really. Very hard for a while when i was drinking but the cravings are pretty much gone now. I can go out drinking without having any smokes. I'd safely say quitting was one of the best decisions i've made, i feel great for doing it.


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I'm in the process of quitting, and I'm taking baby steps. I generally manage to not smoke during the week, but on the weekends I hang around a bunch of smoker's, so it's difficult not to smoke then.


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My uncle is trying to quit smoking because the prices on cigarettes went up and he says that he is going to quit. I hope he is for real this time because last time he said he was going to quit and it only lasted a few days and he was back to smoking again.