Quinn ends holdout, agrees on five-year deal


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(Aug. 7, 2007) -- The Cleveland Browns reached agreement with quarterback Brady Quinn on a five-year, $20.2 million deal that has a maximum value of $30 million and includes $7.75 million worth of guaranteed money.
NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that Quinn is en route to Cleveland, hoping to sign Tuesday afternoon and practice Wednesday.
Quinn was seeking $8 million in guaranteed money, roughly the same amount that cornerback Aaron Ross, the No. 20 pick, got from the New York Giants. Last week, Browns general manager Phil Savage said he was willing to pay a quarterback premium higher than what would go to a player taken 22nd.
Through Tuesday, Quinn had missed 12 days of training camp.
Quinn's absence has ensured he will not win the Browns' starting job, which has become a two-man fight between Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye.
Coach Romeo Crennel said he still hasn't decided who will start the Browns' exhibition opener on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs.
"It may be a coin flip before the game to decide," he said. "However, they both are going to play in the game."
The Browns were frustrated by a lack of movement on Quinn's side last week. On Friday, Savage voiced his frustration and pointed to the team's solid track record of signing players as proof the Browns were doing all they could to bring Quinn in.
"We've got to have some flexibility from the other side to get a deal done," Savage said Friday. "It's to try to meet somewhere in the middle, where both parties can agree -- to sometimes disagree -- but get it done."
With Quinn agreeing to a deal with the Browns, that leaves just two more first-round picks who have yet to reach an agreement with their teams. No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell (Raiders) and No. 14 overall pick Darrelle Revis (Jets) remain as holdouts.



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This is good news for the browns. Im glad they signed him. Anderson and Frye have been competing but neither has stepped up...


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I am also glad that he has signed, because he has a lot to prove, and he has chip on his shoulders, because there's a lot of teams that passed on him draft day. I don't think he'll be a starter right away but by season ends, I believe he'll be the Browns starter, barring a miracle season from the other quarterback this will start at the beggining of the season.