quick userbar


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I just read your post and went to the top and Saw it too

Yeah..It looks lie an cigarrete

Well done on the userbar mate

You are getting better

8/10 from me


its preety solid work, dont really like the arrows though, could have done that differently, like the 3D effect, and the cutting or whatever effect on the left...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
It's just too...plain >>; But it's a nice design though I give ya that^^; Work at trying to make it more appealing and maybe then I'll use it in my sig >>;
I like it, and I like it in its simplicity... it is indeed outside the ordinary. I'd just agree with the others that it looks a bit like a cig cause the colors, and the arrows look kind of out of place. Also, maybe give the outer edge on the last slice a bit of rounding to remove the implied corner there that takes away from the cut effect... but maybe not, just a thought.