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Quick Links button...


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Hmmm I guess we are all scuba steve :lol:


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angelspeak said:
Did you do it from the "quick links"?

Yup to you and Bunny. I did go thru the quick links. I'll try it again and report back :) Hope I don't get that middle aged broad again.....

Yup still her!

I take that back......Now I'm Scuba Steve too!!!
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I for one like my new BIO, lol... i'm Scuba Steve too...


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well that perticular problem is now gone. The link no longer exsists under the "Quick Links" options.

Why is it gone, because there are other matters that need attention before that can be completly fixed. You can always view your own profile by clicking your name in a post, in the currently active users, or in users on in last 24 hours section.


what? no pink?

well I will miss you scuba steve!! I was getting used to having you there in my profile just doing whatever it is you do in everyones profile :lol:

but.... I realise that things have to change and I must change with them. so goodbye scuba steve I feel like I know you so well, it was fun.