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Quick and easy recipies for a Uni student?


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Hi, in a few weeks time I'm off to start living in a self-catered halls at University and even though I know how to cook things like pasta, risotto and some more snacky stuff, I probably will need to learn how to cook a few more things! Cause I can't really go and buy food at one of the university resurants every day or live off the same things all the time, it might get boring. So, if anyone has any tasty, unique and fairly easy, but not too expensive recipies, then I would love to hear them! I'm not a fussy eater either, I just don't like really eggy food or mince, anything else I'm pretty much fine with.


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I was going to suggest minced egg, yet that would have been stupid and unhelpful. So I won't.


Soup is a winner, not sure if you want to make it by hand as it can take ages, but tinned stuff is just fine for a quick bite at lunch. A housemate once tried making onion soup where I went and naused it up completely.

For a proper meal, well - I have a recipe book suggesting chicken stir-fry (or Shanghai Noodles as it says here) but it only gives the recipe for a meal that serves four. If you can convince your housemates to eat it with you and chip in with the cost it'll probably work out cheap. And if you do it properly and it's right tasty then well, you'll be popular for a day - --

Okay, you'll need:
Chicken breasts, boneless 10oz - can pick up pretty cheap if you shop around.
Pak Choi 2oz -
2 cloves of garlic
9oz of egg noodles - cheap as hell and they don't taste of egg.
sesame seeds - (although I reckon this is optional)
vegetable oil (3 tablespoons)
salt and pepper
Soy Sauce (2 tablespoons)
Cornflour (1 teaspoon)
Sesame oil (if you can get it, you'll only need a teaspoon worth. Probably not necassary either.

Also, to add to the pan, you might want to add your own vegetables to the mix, like peppers or whatever. If that makes sense.

Okay, prep your ingredients - cut chicken into small pieces, mosh up the vegetables, remove the stalks from your pak choi, sort out you sauces.
This should only take about 10-15 minutes.

The next 10-15 minutes is spent cooking the stuff.

*Do your egg noodles first, put them in a pan of boiling water (salted if you want). and cook until 'al-dente' which means slightly chewy as opposed to being soft and soggy. Once done drain them of well in a colander.
*Next, grab your wok or big frying pan and heat it up. If you have sesame seeds put them in first and toast very lightly, don't burn the house down (only joking)
*Pour your oil in next, and fry up the garlic very briefly. Then add your chicken and stir-fry it over the heat for about 2 or 3 minutes. Stick your salt and pepper in if you want that in it and then push everything to the edge of the pan. Throw the pak choi in, and cook that al-dente style too like the noodles. Stir this thing continuously!
*Add the soy sauce next, stirring it in.
*Now, toss all the ingredients together real well. Next, blend the cornflour with a little water and pour that in. Stir the mixture until the juices have thickened ever so slightly. Then remove it from the heat.
*Add the sesame oil if you have some and the noodles and mix it all up so it's all stir-fry like.
*Shoove the concoction in bowls and stuff your face.

Wah' la? Don't know how you spell that. Or if any of this makes sense. This meal apparently take about half an hour to prep and cook. Which is nothing really, is it? :) Hope it helps.

Damn: EDIT: Also, peppers and stuff can be lobbed in for good measure, it's up to you whether you have them fried up or not :) Shove them in with your pak choi :)
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Smoked sausage
Vineger, mix together (obv once the noodles are cooked in with thier flavouring) mix everything together = WIN & nom nom nom,


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Thanks both of you! :)

I love noodles and stirfries etc, so I'll be fine with either!
Halfeatensuprises' recipe is better for a day when I don't mind buying a few bits and going all out. Vixen's one would be best for something quick which I wont have to buy much for. :) Nom Nom, I'm sure I'll manage!